And here I am with some more photos for another challenge hosted by Debbie at Travel with Intent. The prompt this week is Lines

So let’s see what I can cull from my collection – are you game 😉

IMG_0328Don’t you think it is appropriate to start this journey at the airport with its numerous airlines? 😀 Especially as the possibilities are endless. Care to join me and check out some noteworthy lines? After all someone has to make sure I stay in line 😉

IMG_0135A house arrested in time.

Once upon a time, I lived in one such home, just two doors away…

IMG_0164…where the once irrepressible dancing gushing Ganga now flows dull disapproving and unsmiling.

IMG_0377I am trying to convince myself that these trees were past their safety date…

IMG_0287The world’s largest sundial at Jaipur – the famous Jantar Mantar. I have always wondered about the steps leading to nowhere. Perhaps they were used by the astronomers to touch the sky to set the time. What do you think?

IMG_0206At the Amer Fort, Jaipur, even the mountains are aligned 😀

IMG_0525From the deserts of Rajasthan I now take you to the shore line 😀 I have almost grown up with this textbook image of the Shore Temple in my history books.

IMG_0679Since Indian weddings are quite in the fashion these days, a glimpse into the intricate mehendi lines. The neat orderly lines are in contrast to the…

IMG_0300Bindaas crazy lines 😀

Thanks for visiting and do let me know your favorite snap. Surely you liked one?

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20 thoughts on “Aligned”

  1. I liked the Ganges one.. “Ganga now flows dull disapproving and unsmiling.” how apt.. wish I lived in those times when the Ganges was alive and beautiful and pure… sigh..

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  2. Good Morning Dahlia.
    The natural lines of the tree with the kite and few leaves very likely the inspiration for a lot of Mehendi designs.
    Not surprised that you thought that Ganga Maiyya looks sad and disapproving. The road built so close to the river bank makes easy for people to dump their rubbish in the river as they drive along. Over the years even the creatures in the river are unable to digest the indestructible plastic dumped in the river.
    It is a dull and wet outside. Robin has come hopping and has brightened up the dull garden. I am going to put up some tinsel and lights on the branches to get some festival look.
    Have a good day.

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  3. You’ve lived surrounded with so much beauty, Dahlia!
    The picture I found most interesting was of the house arrested in time. So many stories waiting to be told in that click.
    The last one is how life should be lived, “Bindaas crazy lines” 😉

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    1. Yes Ruchi I am blessed to have grown up in such pristine natural surroundings, sleeping to the gush of the Ganga and the call of the jackal or even elephants instead of speeding bikes and blaring horns 😀
      The bindaas crazy lines are my inspiration hamesha!

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