CFFC: Vibrant Colors

Time for more photos! I am rather late for Cee’s Challenge Vibrant Colors but I still couldn’t resist playing along. Get ready to choose your favorite!

BouganvilleaFrom a couple of springs earlier, old timers may remember.


Flowers from my sister’s garden in Dublin

IMG-20180829-WA0022Another one! Begunia I think.

IMG-20180923-WA0041The colors of fall in Dublin

IMG-20180505-WA0019When it was spring in Dublin. Nope I haven’t been there in any season 😀

20180930_114809China rose from India!

20180930_114829Slight change in lighting and voila! Both orange and yellow! So cool isn’t it?

20180429_204303The vibrant colors of dancers on the World Dance Day earlier this year. My niece is there too – the tallest one in yellow.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to let me know your favorite –  surely you like something?

Have a super day.


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33 thoughts on “CFFC: Vibrant Colors”

  1. Beautiful collection but I love that jaswandi/hibiscus/china rose. We had a few of them in India, some of them were like trees.
    I remember getting branches of different colours and planting them. Wo bhi kya din the 😀

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  2. China rose… reaalllyyy??…. never knew of that name for hibiscus…. one of my favourite!! But then, for me, all colours of nature are my favourites!! Can never ever have my fill of it!!!

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  3. Loved the picture of Bougainvillea. (Reminds me of Dar es Salaam – where I grew up) Different coloured Bougainvilleas and Hibiscus grew there. Did not know hibiscus was called China rose also. Your sister’s rose like Begonia flowers are beautiful. She will have to bring them indoors to survive the winter. The autumn is here and trees are becoming colourful though my cherry tree still has green leaves. The mild weather has pushed back the Autumn.
    The Uk celebrated the world day by dancing everywhere (parks.railway stations etc) More like jumping up and down. Nothing as elegant and beautiful as the Indian dancers in your picture. Though here all the funny dance movements were fun to watch.
    Thank you, Dahlia, for a lovely colourful post.

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    1. Thank you Ferdi for your lovely long comment 🙂 Begonia is correct not begunia isnt it? Anyway they grew so big the plant broke under the weight! Poor plant. Your cherry tree turns what color? Hahah jumping up and down would have been fun to watch 😀

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      1. Begonia with large flowers needs support. Many Begonias are grown in hanging baskets and they give a beautiful show. But all Begonias are too tender to survive outdoors in winter. Leaves of my cherry tree turn orangy red.


  4. The colors of nature! Dahlia I like the two shade china rose, had no idea that it’s another name for hibiscus. the beautiful flowers at your sister’s place in Dublin are exquisite…once upon a time i had a little cottage in Uttrakhand where we had a small patch with a riot of colors, loved the huge poinsettias that grew wild and the hydrangea. feeling nostalgic now.

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  5. Beautiful colours i should say ….i loved all of them they were beautiful….loved the orange, red and mischievous yellow…..such pretty colours…so soothing actually

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