CB&W: Curve of the Matter

Hola people! I am terribly excited to be participating once again in Cee’s photo challenges. I didnt know how much I had missed them until now 😀 Thank you Cee! This one is a black and white challenge on the topic of circles and curves. Scroll down to see what I dug out from my archives – up to you to find the curves and circles. 😉


Starting with a demon mask to ward off any evil eye 😉

Moving dayMoving in on a stationary bike 😀

GuitarSome shiny musical curves

BackA choosy guitarist, surely you can find a couple of curves?

DuckShow off!

20180929_173858.jpgAn English breakfast spread (from Dublin courtesy my lil sister and our friend)

MealA traditional Indian (more specifically Bengali) fishy meal served on a massive brass plate.


And here’s the original version at Rupali’s request! Did it help or worsen your craving? 😀


CakeAnd end it with a finger-licking scrumptious butterscotch cake

Thank you for visiting! Do let me know which was your favorite shot. Have a super weekend.


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17 thoughts on “CB&W: Curve of the Matter”

      1. Hurray! I just had my breakfast and drinking mu cappuccino but I can’t wait to see it. You made me hungry again. B&W khana hajam nahi hota 😀
        Thanks Dahlia!

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  1. Loved the collection. I would like to add some more curves and circles in the English Breakfast (Irish?) A Half fried egg, sausages, Ham, Baked beans, Mushrooms, and fried tomatoes. A cup of tea or coffee would have completed the full breakfast. Loved the Bengali thali.
    Thank you, Dahlia. Good Night.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hmm i loved the “Show off”one, i like the poise and the look of a princess on her face…loved it…hmm the cake is so yummmmyyyyy, i want to have it too….lovely pics Dhalia after a looooooonnnnngggggggggg time

    Liked by 1 person

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