Peepal in Spring

The Peepal tree or the Ficus religiosa (sacred fig) is a common tree and I seem to see one no matter where I go. Except when I want to photograph one 😦

But this time I got lucky or rather created a bit with some mix and match 😉


Can you see the massive windblown and rather harassed looking tree in the background? That was taken just under 3 weeks ago.

20180325_094029.jpgAnd look at it now – it is as if it had never been bare.

20180324_100346.jpgI also managed to snap some lovely fresh colorful leaves growing at the roots of a massive dour staid Peepal 😀

And one more, simply because I couldn’t resist – purple leaves too! And to think I spent all my life around them. What on earth have I been doing all these years?!!!



a cleansing wash

is not enough

and one must

shed the old


start anew


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26 thoughts on “Peepal in Spring”

    1. Number tag on the trees? Not sure if you can see in these set of pictures. But trees are painted with sequential numbers to ensure they are not cut down without consent.


  1. I did not know that Peepal tree sheds its leaves in winter. Great before and after pictures. The new coppery red shoots at the bottom look as if they are protecting the base of the tree. Soon there will be figs on the tree and the Peepal will become a welcome ‘hotel’ for the birds and little animals.
    Have a great day Dahlia.

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  2. Lovely words, like an ode for a lovely tree….magical it appears i can hear all the new ;eaves, trim and pretty running around whispering and singing along the way…..thank you Dhalia

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  3. Wow! I love your photos! Trees are so amazing! All winter, the trees around our house look as dead as can be. Come spring, they get decked out in so many leaves you can’t see through them anymore! I love it! Isn’t it amazing how this blogging and cameras/camera phones have opened up our eyes to our surroundings? At least, that’s how it worked for me! 😀 Have a beautiful week!

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    1. Many trees over here like this one do have leaves during winter but just at the onset of spring they shed their leaves and quickly don lush fresh new ones 😀 And yes photographing them has helped me see them better! Hope you have a wonderful week too 🙂

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  4. Oh! Those purple leaves look like they just want to be a colony of their own. The way they overlap, I think they must want to chatter together and make up their own gossip, perhaps about the passersby, perhaps the tree above them, so far far above that they cannot even see the sky through the branches? Who knows! Your imaginative secret life of trees is rubbing off on me, Dahlia, and I love it! 🙂

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