SPF: You’ve Got Mail


You’ve Got Mail

Words 202

Five-thirty! All of a sudden Rhea was energized. Her day at the office had ended. She couldn’t wait to get home and switch to her Rheal personality. Technically a copyeditor but relegated to proofreading, she had found succor in her secret alternate universe.

Scifi world here I come her heart sang as the whole weekend stretched before her. Quickly grabbing her weekly essentials so that she wasn’t forced to move out for supplies she let herself into her apartment. Shedding her baggage, kicking off her heels, plugging the kettle, she pulled open her laptop.

The notification button glowed like a welcoming beacon. Yes! Her blog was finally making waves. The act of writing itself was cathartic and fulfilling yet it was lonely. For fear of ridicule she hadn’t shared her newfound passion with her fellow beings and she was resigned to being unnoticed and unread.

But things were changing. Random page views blossomed to a like here and there. And even (gasp) a comment or two. Gerkle was a particular fan. Obviously a fake name but where on earth was Zeutron?

Hi! Could you tell Zoe on Earth that her Dave’s fine? We could arrange a one-way trip for her and you.


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

This story is a sort of a continuation of a previous flash 😀

Any fans of IPK but more importantly readers of Silver Streaks? Here's a little weekend gift - hope you like.

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12 thoughts on “SPF: You’ve Got Mail”

  1. As I commented on The Letter Bomb, I have no good vibes about this Gerkle. He is up to no good and preys on lonely people like Rhea. I hope he does not entice her to meet him and abducts her. ( OK Dahlia I have been watching too many crime programmes on TV)
    It is a lovely mild morning. The birds are flying around looking for food to feed their newly hatched broods.The big fat white cat is sitting on the roof of the shade watching the birds hoping to catch a prey.
    Have a great day Dahlia.


    1. I love the new angle you have given the story!🤔 I was trying to bring it back in line with my original premise of a scifi yarn. But then characters have a say and will of their own! Thanks Ferdi for catching the vibes which I missed🙄 have a wonderful day🌷

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      1. I love Scifi stories. Issac Asimov is my favourite writer though I only read his foundation trilogy. I loved reading flash Gorden comics and tv serial Lost in space. And of course, who did not like E.T. 2001 Space Odessy was another of my favourite. So I am looking forward to next story. Perhaps a trip to Zeutron may be exciting for Rhea but a one-way trip is a bit worrying.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dave or Dan????? Unfortunately, sci-fi world is not my cup of tea 😬
    One- way trip 😥…. okay, shall I say tata to you then 😜
    One way ticket to the blues would sound better, na??

    Liked by 1 person

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