CFFC: Ze Zed Zee Zone

It’s time for some Zeds, Zees and Zzzzs at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as she wraps up the alphabets with a twist challenge.  So, any word with Z in it or people, animals catching some zzzs.

The last one would be the easiest for my husband takes immense pleasure in clicking photos of me while I doze off, especially during our hectic trips. But then I don’t want to destroy all your illusions, so it will have to be zomething elze.


A roadside shop where you can find A to Z of everything and to suit everybody’s taste, palate and zaika (sense of taste or flavors) 😀 The man on the left is our entertaining driving cum guide. By his own confession, he has studied till class 6 but his wife is a school teacher in a different city altogether. With his six-year-old daughter. Despite parental disapproval. After marriage, he encouraged her to complete her studies. And oh he loves history and has about a couple of hundred books that he devours. But that’s enough, there are zero marks for diversionary tactics.


I was quite dazzled by the beautiful moonlight on the lake – hey no wait that’s the Sun! Amazing isn’t it?

BedazzledI was, as you can see terribly enamored and bedazzled by this window and couldn’t resist sharing another look – the evening look. Missed the other one – here it is but you’ll have to scroll through the entire post.

ZoneThen there was this Coffee Zone right above a horror house. Don’t miss the wrapchics on the left – very innovative don’t you think? 😀

Zoom in

Among the decaying yellowing stones that witnessed brutal wars, blood shed and self-immolation, we find the first stirrings of life. Can’t see it? Just zoom in on the topmost panel.


Sitting and gazing in quiet contemplation of man’s foolish ideas of running hither and thither for no rhyme or reason other than to just earn money? And what to do with it? Rest, relax, enjoy? Well he was already doing that.  Should he take up the challenge and proselytize his ideas? Psst I just learned the word – is the sentence okay?

Jazzy2Next I have some jazzy colorful clothes for you to admire and gaze at with bedazzled eyes. No they aren’t for sale.

JazzyThese jazzy dresses are meant for tourists to wear and pose for photographs. Most hill stations have these and once my son too was lured in and dressed up in a purple kingly gown wielding a sword. 😀

Zigzag branchesAfter those heavy dresses, time to give the eyes some rest by gazing upon the bare zigzag branches of yet another bindaas tree 🙂

SnoozingA warm winter afternoon on a long weekend – any guesses on how many would be dozing or snoozing at a time?

ZincThe zinc laden Aravali mountains in and around Udaipur, Rajasthan. Can you see it shining and reflecting the sunlight?

ZorbThose are the zorb balls – in case you didnt know. I didnt! Apparently they are the in thing and are available in aqua, ground and body versions. You can get in, singly or in groups and then enjoy being thrown around. Looks like fun – from far! 😀

Well that’s it for me in Cee’s twisted alphabetical challenge – thanks so very much for visiting. Now how about sharing which your favorite zed was?

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24 thoughts on “CFFC: Ze Zed Zee Zone”

  1. the zorb balls are cool and this post was fun (zany) and the variety was a nice sampling today (I am starting a month long blog pause but had to come on for a little maintenance today – and seriously DawD – this post was a gift today because of the variety. From artsy window, to street graphics, to a sitting monkey and that sun glistening is amazing)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. yes – so far my blog pause is going well – but it is hard at first to get into the mode of pause – but from experience I know I need it – it keeps me fresher – but I am also doing a little maintenance – -just cleaning images – delating ones that I uploaded and did not use – and that is why I am on again now – still a bit more to do and then maybe unplug after that – xxoo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Always such a wide selection of shots from you, always going out and about 😀 Looks like you got quite close to that monkey taking the photo of the monument. It looks like it was avoiding the sun by sitting in the shade.

    Those are two large zorbs balls. I’ve heard about them and they do seem pretty popular. There are quite a few Youtube videos where people get in a zorb ball and running down the hill. It always looks like if you can’t go fast enough you will end up upside down. Not my kind of thing lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember that posts with the monkeys 😀 I wouldn’t try a zorb even if there was a reward of burger and fries at the end. Would come out so dizzy I wouldn’t be able to stomach anything 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the clicks, liked the plant growing from inside walls….loved the monkey tail….ghagras wud be my little ones fave…and so much more…awesome clicks

    Liked by 1 person

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