The Alphabetical One

It’s tree time and time for one who had made a brief guest appearance in an earlier post to make her grand solo debut 😀 To refresh your memory, I saw this neem tree from one of the gorgeous windows of the City Palace, Udaipur.

Open WDoesn’t she add four moons to the palace? 😀

City treeOn a closer look she looks even more impressive itching to tell loads of stories – can you not see the alphabets? I can see L, I, O, U, X, Y, V and P. What can you see? I do love the leaf pattern of the neem tree, and especially the reflection in the palace window.


And look at all the scars and wounds she wears on her sleeve quite unconcerned of what people might think. Or perhaps she is showing off leaving a message for anyone who cared to read her:

no matter

what happens

keep going


never stop


for the




What do you think she is trying to say? Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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35 thoughts on “The Alphabetical One”

  1. old bony trees are especially nice to stimulate the imagination. But the imagination also works without a tree. As a child, I saw figures and the knotholes of the wooden ceiling and told me stories about it. I gave my bedroom walls a paint sponge technique. The technique has made it very spotty, depending on how the ground was designed. These cloudy spots, show me as in clouds always interesting new faces and figures, which I often use for illustrations. Fantasy and dreams are everywhere, but a tree like this remember you to follow them!

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    1. True! I also did that as a child but not so much. In fact most of the times I had my head buried in a book. It’s only lately that i seem to have woken to look around and especially the trees force me to admire them 🙂

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      1. this is beautiful!!! Yes trees are magical, also because they can live longer than we….; )….I was a very bad reader as a child…I started when I was already adult…but therefore I just used more my eyes and loved to draw…

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  2. Yes. The tree does enhance the beauty of the palace. Glad that it was allowed to grow and the tree adopted itself (sometimes with the help of the Gardener.)

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  3. yes I think you are right, the tree is exactly saying what you wrote…because he will always grow to the sun, no matter what happens until he dies….I wished we could set this tree-mode to our body and mind. But we never will stop looking at situations we stick in and analysing them. I´m normally not at all like this, but when it comes to a lot, at least the mind does not have to completely rebel!

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      1. hahaha…that’s the vocabulary used today, not? 🙂 the son of a friend said years ago, his mother had switched to grandma-mode now … I thought that was pretty funny, although understandably my friend could not laugh about it …; )

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      2. drwaing- mode is good for me but not compatible with the tears-mode .. muddy thoughts paralyze my Creativity….


  4. A really lovely tree and such wonderful musings.

    I too love trees. While walking on the road I am generally looking up at tree tops rather than at the oncoming traffic. Thank God for the pavements.

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    1. I know what you mean – I am sure I am going to trip one of these days worse crash into something while driving! Thanks for visiting and sorry for the delayed response, for some strange reason your comment was delivered to the spam folder.


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