Just 4 Fun #75


How cute is that? Looks to be having some really sweet and pleasant dreams 🙂


So perhaps I should end this post and go back to my dreams 😀


I came across some more examples of nature play-acting. A papaya bird! Can’t you just imagine her getting bored of doing the same old stuff everyday and voila she is inspired by the little bird that pecks at her.


And then the hand that plucks at her clean.


But of course this one has to be my favorite – grooving and snaking to the song of the Universe that we are deaf to.

A tiny tale to change the mood.

TinyDark and deep huh?

TextingOops – Daddy’s busted 😉


Just look at their expressions, especially hers –Oh yeah? And he looks scruffy and maybe even drunk. Wonder what her reaction was? Perhaps something like this:



Heehaw 😀


Especially if you type HInglish and Benglish not to mention Benhind 😀

Okay that’s it from me, hope you liked my selection, of which as usual none are mine. I just collected them and shared for our collective entertainment. And before I go one tiny puzzle to make sure you don’t miss my going 😉 😀

PuzzleHave fun and if you know the answer do let me know in the comment box along with the solution. Have a super week 🙂

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56 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun #75”

      1. haha I was not frazzled, but amused by my hasty calculations, but I did also not calculate, because the joke is gone now … but for the sake of completeness … (maybe it’s still wrong … who knows …;) ….):
        5+3×2 = 11…right?????????????

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      2. there you are right, at least, if the study makes sense …. some things will never open up to me and there it certainly makes no sense to be persistent and keep trying….

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see how you got 11. You calculated 3*2=6 and then added 5. 6+5=11.
        But I added 5+3=8and then multiplied by 2. 8*2=16. So who is correct? Must confess I am not very good at arithmetic . But I am going to ask my nephew to solve this puzzle.

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      1. I give up…shoe is 5…I agree, and whistle 2 I agree, but man 3????…the second line is not correct than? Man must be 5????? And by the way the whistle is illustration is irritating…the two look like one 3dimensional whistle….: )…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Finally . My nephew tells me do the multiplication first and then add . So the answer is 11. ( I still think my calculation was correct)
    Ok no more. Good night.

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