WPS: One Last Fling

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Photo from Google Maps

WPS: One Last Fling

Words 146

“Well,” Ashish looked at his watch ostentatiously, “took you only 37 minutes to say goodbye.”

“Very funny.” Sukriti stuck out her tongue at her husband.

“But seriously, why do you women take so much time to say goodbye.”

“Because our stories never end! You wouldn’t understand,” she said, “all you have is your career woes.”

“And you?”

“Office, home, in-laws, kids, their homework, the maid, the cook, her tragedies, her tantrums…”

“But today she must’ve come to crow? I’ve heard they are off to some exotic seaside for a romantic getaway?”



“Can one week compensate for a year of infidelity?”

“So she knows?”


“And still she agreed to go?”

“She said she couldn’t pass up this last chance to make things right.”

“What does she expect will change in one week?”

Sukriti hesitated.


“Strange how she babbled about how anything could happen.”


Written for What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words based on a destination from Google Maps. Thanks to K Rawson for hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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38 thoughts on “WPS: One Last Fling”

    1. Thanks Penny but I think i need to revise this story, even Rochelle and Anie didnt get it. The cook bit is just a passing remark. The story is about a husband and wife discussing a couple they know, perhaps someone in the neighborhood and she is a particular friend of Sukriti and her husband is the one cheating. Thankfully not the cook’s husband for then Sukriti would surely be out of a cook! 😀

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      1. Dear Dahlia, thank you for your efforts. The story is great and the excitement and curiosity grows. I understood the constellation of your story,as you describe it. I just still do not understand who the cook is (is that a pun or expression?)
        It seems that women not only need long time to say goodbye, but also to understand …; )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I so appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts Anie. The cook and the maid troubles are other popular and common topics of conversation that are unique to women and that’s what Sukriti was trying to explain to her husband why and what they have so much to talk about while men just grunt and go back to their game. Err well not ALL men but generally.
        Haha – yes we do take time to understand 😀 Cheers

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 😀 … hahaha … yes especially I need a lot of time, and sometimes it is often better just to be quiet and let things go by without commenting …but long term it may not be very satisfactory …. but o.k. everyone can just take up as much in his head as he has room for it…..

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      4. you are right asking is always better than not understanding, but sometime you just need a stop of information, because head is already full. On the other hand sometimes it makes no sense to jangle people by asking or reponsing.

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    1. Ah Anie I think I wasnt too clear with my story. Maybe I should rewrite it as I mentioned in my comment to Penny. Could I bother you to read that comment and reply and then re-read my story? Do you think it is clearer or it needs more work? Thanks so much for your comment and help 🙂


  1. Dear Dahlia,

    I’ll admit to getting a bit lost in the conversation. I wasn’t sure who committed the offense. I did relate to women taking forever to say goodbye. Actually I’m like that with my guy friends, too. 😉



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rochelle for your honest comment, will work on the dialogue and perhaps add a tag or two. I am sure she would take forever to say goodbye to her guy friends, if only she werent sure that would mean her goodbye from this earth!


  2. Methinks she has a plan set to take care of her unfaithful husband… and she gets a week off in the sun to boot! At least, I hope that’s what she’s planning… Sukriti can’t very well tell her husband all that the girls discuss amongst themselves 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Thank you Dale for ‘getting’ it. Yep I’m not sure if she should have mentioned even this much to her hubby. But hopefully, he wont ‘get’ it either 😉


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