CB&W: Howz That!

Yeah yeah I am late again 😦 But hey! Better late than never right? 😀 And I have just the right set for Cee’s last week’s Black and White Photo challenge: Houses. But then I may be prejudiced so I’ll let you be the judge – free and fair!

Got your wig on? Let’s go, I mean scroll 😉

42This house (okay building – Cee did say we could be creative 😉 has its head in the clouds. It’s in Kolkata and called The 42. Apparently they wanted to build 65 floors but were denied permission (as it would be too close to heaven?) and restricted it to 42. 😀

OyoI snapped this photo in Bengaluru for the reflection – looks really cool doesnt it?


This is an open terraced house Punsacha (once again) at Santiniketan where the Nobel laureate Guru Rabindranath Tagore penned his immortal pieces. I was entranced by the idea of windows on the side walls of the open terrace. But then it was probably put there for the rainy days when the terrace would be covered with tarpaulin.

SantiniketanAnother house at the Santiniketan complex which I preferred to admire from afar 🙂


Kolkata is a city of contrasts much more than any other metropolitan city in India, except perhaps Mumbai. And scenes such as this one is liberally interspersed between swanky new state of the art buildings.


We were bewitched by the house or should I say the invisible residents of the house?



Was it not

just yesterday

when you

cut me down

to build your empire

upon my ruins?


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20 thoughts on “CB&W: Howz That!”

  1. Loved the photographs specially the lovely houses which now are taken over by trees. Every year I travel to India and go for a ride to see such old buidings but now a days they are being pulled down and another skyscraper is built in their place. Every year I see less and less such houses.
    Good Morning Dahlia ,it is a lovely sunny (but freezing) morning unlike last Sunday. It snowed in London (it does not happen a lot ) The white stuff came down all day and covered up everything making a beautiful Christmas card. I was hoping my Mr.RRb would come close enough for me to take a picture with the snow around but he was flying around but I was unable to take any shot. These days he sits on branches and puffs up and looks like a christmas card Robin. Last Sunday while it was snowing a sparrowhawk landed in my garden and devoured its prey. I Think it cought a black bird .It was some sight to see it tearing at the prey and throwing the feathers in the air. This the second time a bird of prey has landed in my garden to devour its catch.
    My twin nieces 21st birthday celebration today and there is a party to go to . Have a great weekend.

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    1. 21st birthday of twin nieces! Please convey my good wishes for a wonderful day and year ahead:)
      I loved the visuals of your snow covered garden with a puffed up Mr RBR smoking a cigar 😉 😀 Wish you a wonderful weekend too 🙂


  2. Dahlia! I liked that wonderful reflection photo in Bengaluru, too! And the next photo, the house of the Nobel Laureate. Something about it – the windows and the design of it – invites one in visually! So interesting! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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