Of Fashions and Styles

I just finished reorganising my wardrobe – putting away all the woollies and digging out my summer cottons. Quite a monumental task and I couldn’t help envying the trees. They seem to have their own go as you like dress codes. Some shed leaves in winter and green up during summers. While yet others wear shaggy punk hairstyles with impunity. The mango tree outside my window is a real sneaky one. Right under my nose, without any warning or prior intimation, almost overnight, it just went from wearing dark, crusty and dusty leaves to lush, tender light green and yellow shiny leaves! No striptease, shedding old leaves, baring arms and all that – just a magical instant make over. Will catch it in the act, next time 😉

For this time, here’s are photos of the same tree, two months apart

branchesPerhaps you remember this photo, I had clicked it on a cold dreary winter evening in the first week of February this year. Seems to have taken to renouncing the world and completely internalising herself, meditating and contemplating on the meaning (or meaninglessness) of life…


20170409_124508And in just two months, she’s back all refreshed and rejuvenated ready to spread some cheer and oxygen 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Of Fashions and Styles”

  1. So you wish we were also like trees? 🤔😀😀 Shed leaves, then we are fully covered with flowers, then fruits and seeds, birds peck at our bark and fruits (ouch!!) , Then new leaves.😎😎😎😎😎
    Oooh not just birds, trees get a lot of crawly, creepy, slimy, cute 🐛🐛🐛 slurrrrp delicious 😋

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  2. wow dawd, that is a great contrast – and laughing at the nice humerous way you described the shedding.
    we took a short trip down south (east coast of US) and we were shcoked at how much earlier the trees bloomed – so it was a colorful blooming delight. pink white – some peach and lime green of course.
    anyhow, great sunday tree post!

    and I am still on blog pause – but got on real quick to check in with readers a bit….

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  3. A vivacious and inspiring strength you get from them…adorable to say the least…They represent LIFE to me…Dhalia more to show, you are shining……

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  4. Beautiful transformation, and that too when its roots are surrounded by bricks and cement…how deep would they have had gone to hold onto their cycle of magics….
    The first pic being in B&W makes the contrast more sharp…clever! 😀

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