CB&W: Complementary Pairs

As you know Cee loves to challenge us and this time it’s black and white (or sepia) photo challenge for Two very different things or the number Two.

I know I am late (travel times and network woes to blame). But nevertheless here they are – hope you like 🙂


Did it work? No? Well, how about this one?

Band W.jpg

Moving on and still sticking to theme of fliers but of the inanimate variety 😉

Air car.jpg

And on a completely different note – tadaa~~~



Well not quite sure if this fits the bill for they are the same things but you will agree very different? Btw the last photo is a contribution from my kid sister. Pretty soon I expect my family and friends to be out on photo shoots for my blog challenges – how cool is that? 😀

Dont forget to let me know you were here 🙂

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