Time for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle – a story in 100 words or less. Please click here for more stories on the photo prompt provided this week by Shaktiki Sharma – thanks!

Photo prompt (c) Shaktiki Sharma


 Words 101


Clang! The door grated.

Startled, Ramu descended from the clouds. He donned an industrious look and pored intently over his grueling task.

“Eat and go back to work. Don’t dawdle.”

“Yes Ma.”

“You need to study harder, do better.”

“I am trying.”

“Our debts are mounting. If you crack the entrance exams, all will be well.”

“But Ma…”

The door closed.

Silent, suffocating darkness engulfed him.

A lone lamp threw up gigantic shadows of the thick tomes strewn about. The weight of expectations bore down upon him, crushing him, choking him.

If only he could escape.



Jump… Slit… Hang…


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CWW: Way To Go

It’s time for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge and as usual I had a lot of fun and hope you do too 😀

So off we go – first the WAY


Confused? Perplexed perhaps? Oh but hush while the Performer readies

sq-1And steadies:


And off he goes!

sq-3Look this way

sq-4And that way


After that lightning ‘bolt’ risking bone and sinew, time for some much needed rest 😀


Thanks Cee for hosting such lovely challenges and letting me get away with it 😉