FFfAW #82: Precious Games



Precious Games

 Word 175

“Rohit bought a diamond pendant for his fiancé.” Ruchi fiddled with her locket.

“Jealous?” Shlok mocked.

“Me! Jealous of…”

“You married the wrong guy. You knew I could never afford…”

“Where there is a will there is a way. If Rohit can afford…”

“Rohit’s father is a rich man. Mine isn’t.”

“Don’t you dare belittle Rohit’s thoughtful gesture.”

“So protective! I thought you were put out with Rohit?”

“Nonsense! I was just commenting…”

“To what purpose?”

“Does everything have to have a purpose? I was just trying to have a conversation…”

“Yeah right. I know a hint when I hear one.”

“Then why turn a deaf ear to it?”

“I dislike having my hand forced. Why not ask Rohit to buy….”

“I prefer that his father should buy me. Out of his own free will.”

“It could be a long wait.”

“If need be, I will wait until eternity.”

“Nagging, until eternity.” Shlok stroked his chin. “I am game. Are you?”

“But of course. The fun is in the game, not a piece of glass.”


Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy with the photo prompt provided by Jade. Thank you Jade and thank you Joy. For other stories click here.

I am running terribly late, do let me know if this made any sense or it needs more work – thank you!

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