CFFC: A Purple Theme

This one is a toughie but Cee is rather generous! So here I go laying out the purple carpet 😉

Photo courtesy Svkuki, member of Mother India’s Crochet Queens who hold the Guinness World Record for the largest crochet blanket of 11148 sq m

for the gorgeous lady in the purple sari

Purple sari.jpg

How about some flowers for the pretty lady?

Err not really purple are they? Let’s round it up with some purple greens and some true homegrown purples by an amazing lady


How could I miss the purple ringed white bloom of the ladyfinger from my one and only mum’s garden?


A close up, just in case you missed the purple ring 😀


Hope you liked my purple collection but the best ones are no doubt at Cee’s page


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10 thoughts on “CFFC: A Purple Theme”

  1. Though not in favour of purple colour, but it makes for lovely combinations with a sprinkling of its hues here and there. Those brinjals look yummy and of course, the flowers are just sooooo beautiful!!! Yep, the crochet carpet blanket was an awesome and mind-blowing picture and we couldn’t get enough of it…. our two eyes weren’t enough 🙂

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