A Book Update

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful festive season 🙂 Although, it’s been less than a month since my book (ahem) was published, I thought of sharing the few early reviews. To be honest, nobody wants to read an unrated book. I am hoping these, albeit few, reviews, will help to nudge you in that direction.

A self-published author, especially so late in life, relies heavily on word of mouth to spread the word. So, if you have ever enjoyed reading my work, or just want to do a good deed, please do read Breaking Free: A Novella and Other Stories by Mohua Maulik (whom you know as Dahlia) and leave a review – even a single line or word with a rating would do! By the way the book is free on Kindle Unlimited (at least in India).

Thank you in advance.


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22 thoughts on “A Book Update”

  1. Hi Dahlia,
    Just wanted to let you know that your book is already in my Kindle library but due to some unforeseen personal issues, I could not start reading it yet. But I am hoping to read it soon. All the best.

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  2. I have loved what you written always, but reading in hard cover is different, I loved the first story it makes have goosebumps literally at places. I LOVE the way you write because your characters begin to speak to me even when I am off the book….I am still reading though will come for a feedback after I am done….but i will definitely recommend having this in all book loving shelves….its worth the buy….

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  3. Congratulations Dahlia!!
    I checked the links on the previous posts and they only offer kindle or paperback option. Is there any place where I can purchase a soft copy (non-kindle)? I tried installing kindle app they have for windows, but something seems off.


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    1. Is it working G?
      I don’t have kindle app, but I can read it. As soon as I purchased the kindle version on Amazon, it popped up in my browser (Kindle Cloud Reader). I just bookmarked it. It looks like any other e-book.

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  4. Hi, I really enjoyed the novella. The manner of writing is very fresh and feels like a breath of fresh air. The characters seem so known. Thank you Mohua for writing such interesting short stories. Reminded me of the fun I had reading the ‘Twist in the Tail’. Keep writing. Waiting eagerly to read your next one. 😊

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