Colors of Nature


Remember this blazing amaltas tree from just a couple of weeks ago?

20180527_165530.jpgBut just two weeks later, as the Sun goes on a rampage, this one has opted for a strategic retreat – spring will come another day.

IMG-20180518-WA0025.jpgYet elsewhere, pink blossoms bloom (Dublin to be precise)

IMG-20180527-WA0000.jpgAs do purple ones – though my sister (not the one in the pic) insists on calling it blue – what do you think?


Some inverted trumpet flowers (do correct me if I am wrong, which I think I am) blooming defiantly among tall disapproving trees 😀



And some prickly pretty cacti! The last two are poached from my brother’s album as he tours the North-East 🙂

Now if only I had a few pics of the palash or forest fire to complete my collage.

Ah well spring will come again 😉


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20 thoughts on “Colors of Nature”

  1. Loved the pictures sent by your sister. The pink flowering Cherry is a beautiful tree. But the blooms do not last long. Ceanothus or the Californian Lilac is usually planted for its beautiful blue flowers. Though the flowers can be pink or purple. The yellow trumpet flowers are datura. In India, we have purple datura which is offered to Lord Shiva. The datura flowers can be yellow, orange purple, pink or white. The prickly cactuses are looking very impressive.
    Good night Dahlia.

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    1. Good morning Ferdi – we were wondering whether it was the cherry blossom 🙂 I think I have seen white dhatura, didnt know they could be of other colors – thanks


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