CFFC: Bird by Bird

So! Time for Cee’s fun foto challenge – Birds. And way we go.


Dove heckleTwo pigeons out for an evening walk

Dove twoA bit of a deep discussion on household matters perhaps? She seems to be giving him the push to do something…

Dove leafHe yields but she doesn’t seem to happy with his choice of bedding for their little one does she?

Carrier pigeonsThere aren’t any birds here but these were the cages for the carrier pigeons who acted as trusted couriers between kings, queens and paramours.

Tile artBirds in the walls of the palace – such long graceful necks don’t you think?

PlaneOh look that’s a bird, no it’s a plane…darn it. But it sure does look like a bird doesn’t it? No? Well, I need to get my eyes tested. 😉

RobinCaught this philosophical and reflective robin on the wall of an ancient temple

Stuffed BAnd this one wears a stuffed glassy expression. Perhaps it spotted his boss while playing hookey 😀

PenguinThere’s Scooby and his toy penguin.

PeacockGorgeous stunning mirror mosaic work popularly known as ‘inlay’ in India most commonly seen in Rajasthan.

Peac2And another one.

GarudaYes that’s a bird – Garuda a divine eagle-like bird and considered to be the king of birds in Hindu (as well as Buddhist and Jain) mythology. In the bird form, Garuda is typically represented with the wings slightly open as if on the verge of flying. In part human-form, like this one, he usually an eagle-like nose, beak or legs, his eyes are open and big, and he may have either two or four hands. He is the vehicle mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda and serpents (Nag) are half-brothers and yet arch enemies. And both are worshiped with individual dedicated days – Garuda Panchami and Nag Panchami. There’s a very interesting (and a bit complicated not to mention involved) story so perhaps another day another time.

Thanks for visiting – do let me know if you have any favorites.


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13 thoughts on “CFFC: Bird by Bird”

  1. Liked the picture with cages for carrier pigeons. In Uk, some people still keep carrier pigeons. They are tagged and let out to fly.End of the day they return to the safety of their cages. Interesting story about garudas and the Nagas. Please do tell it sometimes.

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