CFFC: Of Wood and Spring

Spring and wood what more could I ask for! Thanks Cee for this challenge 🙂

Wood pathLet’s take a stroll through the woods shall we?

V woodV is for victory 🙂

20161021_113410After a bitter and long battle

WhiteTossing out blossoms white and

Pink woodand pink ones too

Green wood

One day tiny shoots, and the next day they shoot up to reach for the sky. Such is the magic of life.

FlowersAnd before you know it, the tiny blooms grow up  – tall and strong

Disclaimer – I have clicked only one of these photos (can you guess which one?) the rest are all shares from family. Hmm I guess that makes them my photos 😉

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 129

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11 thoughts on “CFFC: Of Wood and Spring”

      1. Yeppp 😀😀😀 that boy reminded me of my childhood photo. I looked exactly like that 😀

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  1. Lovely!…the victory tree could be used as a sling shot ;)…depends on who stays on the other side 😀
    The boys are really cute…you mentioned about snapping it from a snap…so there is one that you clicked 😉 😀
    Or may be the one which has close -up shot..the one acquired after a bitter and long battle?

    Liked by 1 person

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