CFFC: Go Green

Green is one of my favorite colors. I am partial to the dark green but today the photos highlight the lighter shade of green in keeping with the theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week – Light Green.

Let me start with the one I am not too sure if it is light green but nevertheless a favorite color – sea green 🙂

Sea green.JPG

The vastness of the sea makes me feel limitless and boundless and that perhaps is the greatness of the sea.


This view is close to what I woke up to as a child. I can still hear the whoosh of the rushing waters as it lulled me to sleep…

Enough of the maudlin stuff! On to some fun and games.


That’s what I call green on green 😀 How about some red on green?


Hmm the grass could have been greener dont you think? Like the lawns over here

Green Lodhi.jpg

Yep that’s the green version of the photo here. Now that I tricked you into visiting that page (only if you haven’t seen it before) here’s another fresh (green) photo 😀


Hope you liked the pics – Thank you for visiting 🙂

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8 thoughts on “CFFC: Go Green”

  1. So many shades of green… one of my favourite colours too 🙂 more so, ‘cos it is associated with plants and trees 🙂 Lucky you, with that stream nearby you all the time…. sigh !!!! I had fallen in love with it, in one of my visits 🙂 🙂 Need to make another visit!!!

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