CFFC: Partners for Life

The other day I spotted a pair of geese:

1A GOOSE.jpg

Excited, I moved in for a closer shot:

But no matter how much I tried, the goose just wouldn’t let me click his mate. It honked and glared and pretended to be interested in the distal most piece juicy stem.


Can you beat that?

The typical Indian male I supposed and walked away (or at least pretended to but the goose wasn’t that much of a goose – it wasn’t buying or budging).

Until I really walked away. That’s when I noticed:


She was injured or ill and he was merely trying to keep away an opportunistic predator.


Blessed to witness such a rare and precious sight.


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19 thoughts on “CFFC: Partners for Life”

  1. These are such cute and adorable shots of the geese, Dahlia. I love how you managed to capture them from different angles, and each photo is in sync with your words. Sad to hear one of them might be injured. No wonder it is sitting all bunched up like that. It looks like there is something wrong with its leg – it is sticking our rather oddly. I hope it is okay. The other one sure has a kind heart and looking out for his fallen comrade. You know, whether we’re human or animal, we’re all conditioned to feel this thing called love 🙂 ❤

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  2. Lovely pictures of the goose looking after his mate. It reminded of a lovely incident that happened to me. (Here I go again Dahlia, can’t help myself) One morning before going to work I was sitting on the wall on the bank of The Thames, enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, I saw two ducks waddling along the wall towards me. I thought they will go past me so I just sat there. But the female duck decided she is not moving from her path so she came forward and started quacking at me. She in no uncertain terms told me to move from her path. I jumped off and the two of them merrily carried on walking. I went to work with a smile on my face.

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    1. Haha – she knows how to get her way 😀 Such a cute incident one that gives insight into the depth of their thoughts feelings and emotions. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Stories and more and commented:

    The Daily Post this week invites us to share a visual story. I am busy shifting houses (now that would tell an amazing story but that’s another story for another day 😉 but since I can’t seem to keep away from the blog world, I am re-posting one (from August 2016) which some of you may have seen. But I think it is worth a revisit. Feel free to disagree and move on! 😀


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