Begin Again


Hello friends,

Please accept my apologies for being absent without intimation. That life will end for all those who are born is inescapable; yet when life takes one of its expected stoppages, it is nevertheless inexplicably unexpected and heartbreaking.

Whole or not, ready or not, it is time to pick up the pieces and begin again. I hope to start posting regularly once again from the 24th of August. Do mark the date on your calendar and make sure to join in for I need your company more than ever before.

Thank you for being there and not giving up on me.

Wishing all brothers and sisters a very Happy Rakshabandhan. Do watch this heartwarming advertisement that sensitively captures the essence of Rakhi. A warning though – the video is in Hindi and subtitles (auto-generated) in French.

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14 thoughts on “Begin Again”

  1. I’m really sorry for your loss and from personal experience I know that although the wounds don’t heal and time doesn’t stop, we still need to get up and go every morning despite the waves of sorrow that take you under from time to time. May Allah give you the strength to bear your loss. Stay blessed and welcome back

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  2. Oh my god the blue sapphire was one prescious gem just as the name suggests. Read the times of India article about you. Happy to know you reside in Bangalore. Even I am a Bangalorean. Hope we catch up for a coffee dhalia. How great is your art in words which paint such amazing canvas of stories.

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    1. Thanks Kaelin although I am quite sure the article wasnt about me 😉 I live in Delhi. Besides my story didnt win the TOI trophy. But I do hope you read the Blue sapphire story on my blog and liked that one! 😀


  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Take the time you need andd come back when youre ready, not because you or somebody else has decided youve grieved long enough. The door will always be open and a light on.

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