Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi


EDIT 4: Fans of IPKKND please visit From DM’s Desk for more recent updates and developments 😉

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Hello to all fans of IPK.

As you all know, Ek Jashn is out and I guess many of you would love to air your views – like the good old days.big grin So taking a cue from vks, here is the perfect opportunity to speak up. And the good news is – to comment you dont need to provide your email ID. batting eyelashes

So what are you waiting for – get those fingers to dance on the keyboard – Happy days are here again. I wonder if Khulasa mami could be tempted to wake up from her stupor. thinking

EDIT 1: I have only recently come to realize that some of you are still reading Silver Streaks. I am indeed very touched – thank you. While I cannot at this juncture promise a resurrection of SS but perhaps I can (and indeed have been) be inspired to write a few flash fiction which I will link up to this page as and when I post them. Hope you like and do leave me a note – that works wonders as encouragement and inspiration 🙂

EDIT 2: This Post seems to be pretty popular for some reason! I wish I knew what you as a reader was searching for. Anyway, yielding to the (diverse – mostly internal) calls, I have started another Page – From DM’s Desk where all stories based on IPK/SS will be indexed.Two more have been added recently.

So if you havent read them already, please hop over there for a bit of fun and chitchat – as always I look forward to your comments and reactions.