I am quite a compulsive hoarding/billboard/etc reader, besides Jaipur is generously dotted with this rather hard to miss signage.

It took me quite a while to decipher……. Known Vending Zone or Non-vending Zone?

But I must confess that I first read it as Non-veg John 😀

Hope you people had a grand weekend and are ready for the Monday Blues. Here’s something that will (hopefully) be a welcome break.

Chapter 23

and of course Calvin

And for those whose New Year resolutions to lose some weight has already gone to their waistline here’s a bit of help – Lunches under 400 Calories

Let me know if it works 😉

Thought for the Day

Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them. There’s many a bestseller that could have been prevented by a good teacher :- Flannery O’Connor
Well this one sure got me thinking.

And here begins my (fruitless) wait for brickbats and bouquets…sighhhh

A Blue Sky

Finally got to see a true blue blue sky – been pining for a glimpse for ages now. Spring is finally here and as the Sun begins its northern journey I wish you all the very best of seasons greetings and auspicious beginnings.

Jaipur is grand place to visit and shop! Sharing a few pics (especially for prachtg – thanks for leaving me a note).  Had a tough job selecting them – hope you like.

Glimpses of Jaipur

Click here for Chapter 22

This is what Calvin has been up to 🙂

And of course the very best of peace, happiness and health on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Until next time

Glimpses of Jaipur

View from the imposing Amer Fort overlooking the Aravalli range
Amer Fort
I had forgotten how blue the sky can be
Caught a kite or two


Jal  Mahal


Jantar Mantar
Our welcome committee at the Amber Fort
Welcome committee goes into deep introspection

Off At Last

Have a lovely week people! I sure hope I will – with some guests and travel thrown in 🙂 I am off to Jaipur for a couple of days – need anything from there? Don’t hesitate to let me know 😛 I can guarantee a few snaps – if anyone’s interested that is!

Anyway, so that means chutti for you people as well for the next update will be on Friday (i.e. 15th January). Those sighs of relief are not very encouraging let me tell you 😦

As you may be knowing, I have posted a few short stories on this blog. I compiled an index for these – Bunch of Short Stories for easy access. And here’s the link to Chapter 21

But first let me bring a smile to your faces – Click here


Thought for the day

There is no such thing as “fun for the whole family” :- Jerry Seinfield

So hope to see you all on Friday (minus my gwop). Hope that at least some of you will let me know your thoughts (not thot) on anything and everything.


Confused? Curious? Click here

Adios amigos


Kaisan ho Nandkisore? Sab kushal mangal?

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Here in Delhi, the fog finally made an appearance – didn’t seem like winters without it. Although it’s still too warm for a Delhi January – not that I am complaining! And the other good news is that Kejriwal’s odd plan has evened out Delhi’s maddening traffic. The roads are remarkably clear and moving! I no longer break out into a cold sweat at the thought of venturing outdoors. Touch wood! Fingers crossed etc etc.

Enough of chatter, now on to the business of the day.

Click here for Chapter 20

But don’t forget to have a look at Calvin’s antics 🙂

Thought for the day

Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds:- F.D. Roosevelt

And if you have some free time over the weekend this article (more importantly, its links) is worth a look.

Have a super cool weekend. Look forward to hearing from you on anything and everything.



Hello Hi!

How’s the New Year treating you so far? I guess too early to tell but then well begun is half done – so fingers crossed. All the best to those who have exams and loads of luck and patience to those have loved ones sitting for exams this year.Wondering if I have lost my marbles – I mean more than usual? Actually, I just got to know that the few ‘followers’ of this blog are not receiving email notifications of new Posts. I undertook some investigations and apparently that is because, I am posting Pages not Posts! Apologies for the inconvenience but from now on I will Post a notice (like this one) with a link to the new chapter that will be as usual posted under Pages to enable email notifications. And don’t worry, I wont be rambling quite as much (I wouldn’t bet on it though :D)

Link to Chapter 19

And of course the inimitable Calvin and Hobbes

A special thank you to Jyotsna for the tsunami of comments! Thank you so much for taking the pains – much appreciated and happy to know that at least you are still here! Lots of love to Kim and her baby 🙂

Thought for the day: I can’t give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time :- H.B. Swope

Before I let you all get on with your busy schedules, here’s the link to an article which is a personal favorite.

Hope you like. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on anything and everything.

Bye Bye 🙂

A New Year Begins…

Wish You All a Joyous 2016


Happy Xmas to All


Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi


EDIT 4: Fans of IPKKND please visit From DM’s Desk for more recent updates and developments 😉

EDIT 5: If you don’t mind a bit of fun, enjoy spoofs please visit  Khulasa Times for some of Khulasa Mami’s rants and rambles.

Hello to all fans of IPK.

As you all know, Ek Jashn is out and I guess many of you would love to air your views – like the good old days.big grin So taking a cue from vks, here is the perfect opportunity to speak up. And the good news is – to comment you dont need to provide your email ID. batting eyelashes

So what are you waiting for – get those fingers to dance on the keyboard – Happy days are here again. I wonder if Khulasa mami could be tempted to wake up from her stupor. thinking

EDIT 1: I have only recently come to realize that some of you are still reading Silver Streaks. I am indeed very touched – thank you. While I cannot at this juncture promise a resurrection of SS but perhaps I can (and indeed have been) be inspired to write a few flash fiction which I will link up to this page as and when I post them. Hope you like and do leave me a note – that works wonders as encouragement and inspiration 🙂

EDIT 2: This Post seems to be pretty popular for some reason! I wish I knew what you as a reader was searching for. Anyway, yielding to the (diverse – mostly internal) calls, I have started another Page – From DM’s Desk where all stories based on IPK/SS will be indexed.Two more have been added recently.

So if you havent read them already, please hop over there for a bit of fun and chitchat – as always I look forward to your comments and reactions.





Hello All,

Moonshine (MS) is the new Silver Streaks (SS) !

Well, fingers crossed and if you like it half as much as you claimed to love SS, I couldn’t ask for more.

Moonshine accompanies Rajani as she journeys through life fulfilling her roles as a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and of course mother. As with SS, I do hope you will shower her (us) with your blessings, support, advice and encouragement.

Since this is a rambling yarn (with a book format rather than a blog post), new updates will appear under Pages on the picture navigation bar –> Moonshine — Chapters.

Ready? Get set and click on Part 1: Sugar and Spice – off we go~~

Or perhaps you may like to read a few short stories or just browse the Blog to decide if MS is worth your time and effort.

Thanks for dropping by and I would love to know your views on Stories and more.