Free eBook: Now Live

As promised, the ebook is now free! What? Are you still here? Go download your copy now, before the offer period runs out. Go on, it’s just a short story (< 4000 words)

Please visit the Amazon store in your region to avail the offer which is available for a limited period only.

Perhaps you will leave a note for me on Amazon 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Free eBook: Now Live”

  1. I have downloaded my copy and just finished reading it. But, I am having trouble posting a review. I will figure it out later.
    Lovely story. Blaming others or judging others’ actions is easy. We must do what is in our hands to fix the problems we face. In my office my bosses always say “ask if in doubt”. Don’t assume anything.
    Draupadi, Gandhari, Kunti and other girls have endured a lot. It is about time, they took charge.
    Loved reading it. Thanks for the gift.
    I will see if I can write a review on Amazon. If not I will try again tomorrow.

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