View From the Top

This week, I have this really tall one for Becca’s Sunday Trees


the young uns

rustle and strain

eager to also

brush shoulders

with the sky


buffeted by winds


in icy silence

bare branches

send a whisper

on a leaf


the sky

is just as far

from here

as from there


it is not about

how high you are

it is about how

deep you are.

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16 thoughts on “View From the Top”

  1. Great words of wisdom But when you are young you do not want anyone or anything holding you down. You just want to soar as high you can.Time enough later to put the roots down. Lovely picture.
    Good Morning Dahlia.

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  2. wonderful! When you are young you are wild and you just start running, full of energy, looking up, where you are running to…later on you may recognize, that there maybe is a place you longing to be, but you never could see it. You only could feel it when you went deep.

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