The Journey Within

I missed Becca’s Sunday Trees but here I am on Tuesday. Have a wonderful day people!


Skipping along the dirt road

she stopped to

stare and ponder

Poor old tree

No respite

No escape


Forever and ever

The tree swayed with gentle laughter

A single curled leaf

Twirled its way down upon her head

Little one

Not all journeys are without

If you would

but look within

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16 thoughts on “The Journey Within”

      1. A to Z is off to a delightful start! Partly because I did my own rebel kind of A to Z in feb 2016 – made it way way way too hard each day – had fun on one hand but I should have been putting those hours into a book or some videos – I dunno! Some good fruits came from it – but DawD – it became a laborious pull halfway through –
        But my approach now is to keep things simple -(simple for me – ya know? Like today’s candidiasis post is something I talk about weekly – )
        And thanks for asking!

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