Just Another Tree

NeemjpgJust another Neem tree residing in a palace courtyard with not much to do except litter the place with golden yellow leaves every spring.

Neem2Rooted to the spot and bored to her core, she yawns and rustles her branches. Oh the tales she could tell, if anyone cared to listen.

Neem3And lo behold she has gathered quite a few fresh green followers glistening with eagerness – now if only one of them could type 😉

Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees – have a wonderful day.


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18 thoughts on “Just Another Tree”

  1. Ah, so that’s a neem tree! I have read so many Indian novels where it has featured, but you’re never quite sure!! It looks beautiful. I love your observation that is has nothing better to do but scatter leaves at its feet!

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    1. Ah actually that’s what Neem tree was thinking in a rather self-deprecating way, especially since she overheard some people cribbing about the litter and extra work. But like Megala pointed out, the Neem is an excellent disinfectant and air purifier 🙂


  2. Yes, tales the trees could tell. But we do listen and feel their emotions and people like Dahlia puts pen to such stories.
    I have a cherry tree in my garden but it has been butchered many times because my neighbour does not like the blossom, fruit and leaves in his neat and tidy garden. The tree has split trunk like your tree in the picture. But come spring it will have beautiful white blossoms and will give us and the birds sweet cherries. I get very upset when it is mishandled. But he has legal right to do anything to the branches that extend in his garden.I have tied Raksha dhaga to protect it from being poisoned. I pray that it will be there for many years to come.
    Good evening/night Dahlia.

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