CB&W: Structured

The theme for this week’s Black and White Photo Challenge is Structure. And as usual Cee gives us license and freedom to enjoy – who can resist that right?

TempleKalika Mata Temple an 8th-century temple at Chittorgarh Rajasthan India. The upper parts of the structure are more recent.

VijayVijaya Stambh is an imposing victory monument built in 1448 AD. Constructed of red sandstone and white marble, Vijay Stambh is nine storeys tall with a height of 37.19 meters and a base height of 3.0 meters. Another version and other details are in an earlier post.

CafeThe inner structure of a modern day cafe


Couldnt resist a quick covert snap of the innards of this bike. Not only had I never seen the inside of a bike from such close quarters but the man (whose hands are visible) was/is a fascinating character. Apparently some part for the bike wasn’t available (or too expensive) and he was trying to get it repaired through some jugaad tactics. And Steve Woz says “where’s the creativity?” Possibly he is not familiar with the Indian jugaad :- a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

LeafAnd now time for my latest craze – the teak leaf. It’s massive with such well defined structure don’t you think?

MicroHowzz that for intricate structure?

No strA leaf decaying but the structure, unlike for other stuff, is the last to go.

stoolThe neat structure of a handmade woven stool made of reed and rayon strings

RoseI am, in all honesty, not a big fan of roses but this one’s near perfect structure and symmetrical asymmetry was captivating.

So which one is your favorite – or didn’t you like any?

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25 thoughts on “CB&W: Structured”

    1. Ah. Thanks for letting me know! I put the leaf on it to take the picture and then decided the stool had a neat structure too. So it was an afterthought but one that worked – always good to know that one should trust ones instincts 🙂

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  1. Vijaya stambh is beautiful so is the temple. I loved the decaying leaf. I have picked a few skeletal leaves from the park. I use them in jewellery making. When passed through rollers (Roller milling) they make a lovely pattern on metal. My favourite? The rose.
    Till the next time Dahlia.

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    1. I had no intention of including the rose but it was too beautiful to pass up. Thanks for affirming my instincts 🙂 Fascinating stuff must read up about roller milling. Good morning Ferdi and wish you and yours a very happy Holi


  2. Nature is the best at construction, and the intricate leaf is a perfect structure. the Vijaya Stambh is an amazing man-made structure, I love the layers and height for a building so old.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Initially I was just going to put the leaf photo but I thought the other photos made a nice contrast – thanks Tina for stopping by.


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