Marching On

Hello everyone! March is all but gone and April is upon us. Excitement has given way to the jitters. Just, in case it slipped your mind, one fine day, I lost my marbles (too much association with Biji eh Mymind?) and I signed up for the blogging challenge beginning this April!

As I mentioned my earlier post, the challenge is to blog every day in the month of April (except Sundays) using each letter of the alphabet on any topic – random or theme based. Wait there is more – there is a separate list for those who intend to have a theme based blog posts – I signed up for that as well! In addition, the participant has to read and comment other blogs as well – a great way of networking, finding friends and like-minded people in this vast alternate universe.

This weekend I spent most of my spare time checking out the participating blogs. What an eye opener that was. It was so exhilarating to find such a huge range of blogs with innovative and intriguing themes. I can’t wait to read them all – what? Oh darn it, did you have to remind me? Yes, yes of course err post as well.

Now that exams are over and you are all more relaxed and chilled out, I do hope you too will be able to spare some time for this blogfest? And while you go wandering all over the blogosphere, I hope you will drop in for a breather at Stories and more. 😉

Indian weddings is the theme for my blogging challenge and I do hope you will enjoy reading about some of the myriad customs and rituals that are part of the great Indian wedding. As an appetizer, here’s the link to some really strange wedding rituals from around the world.

So, come April, grab your cuppa tea, pull up your reading device and get ready to learn new words and new customs – just like I did. And oh yes before I forget, here’s Chapter 48 and more about this blog. How could I miss Calvin and Hobbes?

Calvin and Hobbes

By the way, Calvin and Hobbes don’t much care for weddings so they will be back only after the brouhaha is over and done with 😉

 Thought for the day

“The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead.”
Bette Davis

Now how about leaving me a note? At least wish me luck!

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11 thoughts on “Marching On”

  1. Can’t wait to read your researches into our wedding customs! I’m looking forward to it. Its also National Poetry Month in the US. So much reading to do-yippeeee:)

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  2. Yayyyyy, you lost your marbles and so we get to read more insights from you 🙂 Well, once in a while, its good to lose our marbles 😉 I did that recently, you remember, and had once in a lifetime experience… it was all worth it!!
    GOOD LUCK to you 🙂 Cheers!!!
    P.S. At the end of it, don’t count the marbles you have lost ;);) hehehawhawhehawhaw!!!!!!!!

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  3. I love learning about different cultures and look forward to your posts. India is on my travel bucket list. It’s a fascinating country! Enjoy the challenge and thanks for visiting me at The Doglady’s Den. 🙂

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  4. Those were some really really weird customs…lucky i was not born in any of those places where those customs are followed …phew!..wonder whether all these were invented by people in the right state of mind :O…or may be they too had lost their marbles 🙂
    Good luck to you…excited to be on this new journey starting tomorrow 🙂

    But would be missing Calvin and Hobbes 😦

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