Hi, here I am with another repost from some years ago, hope you like 🙂

I grew up hearing that each of us has seven other people somewhere in this world who looks exactly like us. Have you heard of it? Do you believe it? I was very skeptical about this theory until I found a tree doppelgänger half way across the world! Don’t believe me? Take a look.


If you are regular visitor to my blog (or home) you may have seen this tree right outside my window.

ViennaDoesn’t it look eerily similar to this one in Vienna?

You and I

will never meet


it is enough

to know

that our


are anchored

on the same


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56 thoughts on “Doppelgänger”

  1. I’ve heard that we all have a “doppelgänger” but had not heard it was seven! I’ve had a few people swear they had seen mine in various places and times. In fact, one day years ago, hubby came home swearing he had seen me and then realized it wasn’t me! I told him I’m sure she couldn’t have been as sweet as me! Luckily he agreed with me! LOL! 😂☺️

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    1. Happened with me too and quite a fun experience. But I have to confess, once someone showed me a photo of my ‘double’ but I couldn’t find any resemblance! I guess even doubles lie in the eye of the beholder 😀

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      1. Hehehe. You got your doppelgänger right there at home. Too easy. But there’s nothing like bumping to someone who looks like you on the streets. I would like that to happen to me someday 😀 😀

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      2. Yes! That should be fun 😀 A couple of times I have passed by a mirror at home and wondered ‘when did Ma come home’ 😉 😀


  2. I loved the poem, hoe wonderful, we are connected by the same earth, i love the way you can spell in words feelings that just cant be said…hmmm i loved the dual effect…it gives you a sane feeling of having a duplicate somewhere in this world.

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  3. That’s a cool coincidence!
    Loved those lines…
    Friends here have mentioned seeing one like me here…even the shopkeeper downstairs gets confused…now I need to search for her😁…who knows they all might need to have their eyes checked😃

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  4. I had saw ppl meeting their doppelganger in net and there is a site which help us to find it.. I wish to meet mine.. bcs 80% time I meet ppl they say to me you look like our cousin neighbour.. Wish I could meet mine.. but in that site you have to fill the details of your face and they will match…

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  5. I have heard the theory as well but of one doppelganger and have never believed in it. I do wish I could meet mine, if there are seven then the chances are even greater yeah? I wonder if they are like in thoughts or perhaps, God has kept weirdo per continent 😀

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  6. I don’t believe in doppelganger.
    But, the trees look similar and they look nice.
    Thank you for re posting this.


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