Chapter 233: Di & Kshitij

Khushi had changed and was getting into bed when Arnav came in. She ignored him and called up GM, “Haan Kishu Bhaiyya, hum Khushi bol rahe hain, Ji hum ghar pahunch gaye, Guddu theek hai na? Pareshan toh nahi kar raha na? Achcha so gaya? Chaliye theek hai, achcha hai time se so gaya nahi toh bahut hungama khadi kar deta hai; umm Kishu Bhaiyya, jaldi jaldi main nikle toh theek se bye bhi nahi bol paye, bahut maza aya tha,” she shot a sidelong glance at Arnav, hesitated and said, “Arnav bhi baat karenge aapse,” she handed the phone to him, shooting daggers with her eyes.

Arnav glared at her but then reluctantly took the phone, “Yeah Khsitij, we had a great time, thanks for inviting us, hope Devansh doesn’t bother you to much, okay, goodnight, umm, say goodnight to the kids and Di from my side will you? Oh by the way, is everything ok with Di? She seemed a bit low? Ok take care; Thanks,” He gave the phone back to Khushi, his face stiff with disapproval he walked off to the washroom.

Khushi stuck out her tongue at his retreating back, uff yeh Laad Governor bhi na! Bas sab theek toh chal raha tha, last main woh bolne ki kya zaroorat thi! Saare kiye karaye par paani pher diya! She muttered agitatedly to herself.

“Ab batao,” he barked interrupting her monologue, “Di aur Khsitij ke beech main kya chal raha hai?”

“Nahi batayenge!” Khushi declared haughtily.

“Tumhe batana padega, Nani ne bola,” he played his trump card.

“Naani ne bola,” she mocked him, “Pehle aap bataiye, last main Di ke baare main woh sab bolne ki kya zaroorat thi? Sab badiya tha, formalities bhi poori ho gayi thi, ruffled feathers if any had been soothed, par aapko toh chain nahi hai na, phir ja kar tadka daal hi diya,” Khushi snapped.

Arnav was surprised, “Isme galat kya kiya! I thought you would be happy! I cleared it up with Khsitij that I suspected something was wrong with Di, but that Di had not discussed anything with me….”

“And at the same time, you warned him ki agar Di ko kuch kaha toh mujh se bura koi nahi!” Khushi interjected, resignedly.

Arnav had the grace to blush, “Haan toh? Usse toh pata hai na yeh baat?”

“Pata hai toh bolne ki kya zaroorat thi,” Khushi was really irritated with his contrariness.

“Woh sab chhodo, hua kya hai batao,” Arnav neatly changed the topic.

Khushi looked at him resignedly, “Kuch nahi, aapko toh pata hoga, Di wants to increase her working hours at ARD.”

Arnav was surprised, “Haan toh? Big deal, where’s the fight in that!”

“Hume pata tha aapko samajh nahi ayega,” Khushi shook her head at his inability to see what was so clear to her, “Di ne hume aur Nani ko bas yehi bola tha, that she wants to increase her working hours and that Kishu Bhaiyya wasn’t happy with her decision.”

Arnav was astonished, “What!? Di is doing great and is a huge find for us! She has a real flair for designing. Over the years she has really picked up the finer aspects of the industry and the office is really dependent on her eye for fashion, and you know what?” he said aggressively as he thrust a finger into her face, “with just a single stroke, a simple twitch, a little touch she can turn an ordinary design into something really extraordinary!” he said proudly, “It would mean a lot to ARD, if she could join full time. But how does it matter to Khsitij? Di will be back home by the time he comes wouldn’t she?”

“Ufff,” Khushi moaned, “Yes she would be home, but Kishu Bhaiyya doesn’t like the idea of ‘latch key’ children. Yes, Vimla chachi is there no doubt, but still it makes a difference if a mother is at home or a caretaker,” she shrugged, “It is every working mother’s dilemma and a personal decision,” she raised her hand, “Actually both parents prerogative to decide what they think is best for their child.”

“So what Khsitij wants is that Di should sacrifice her talent and potential to sit at home to take care of the kids, just because he ‘does not like the idea’ of latch key children?” Arnav charged up in defense of his sister’s ambitions and talent.

Khushi wearily closed her eyes, “I knew you wouldn’t understand! The question here is not to point fingers, take sides and draw up battle lines! Besides the term ‘does not like’ is a very mild term for Kishu Bhaiyya’s views on that. You forget that he is a psychiatrist, over the course of his work, he has seen several such cases where parents over-involvement with their work has led to children being neglected with serious consequences spilling over to even their adult lives,” she shrugged, “He is just not willing to take that risk with his children, and I think he is entitled to that opinion,” she dared to opine, “After all what could be more important that ones children?”

“No wonder they say a woman is a woman’s worst enemy!” Arnav said scathingly, raising Khushi’s hackles, “And look who is talking! Don’t you leave your son to go to work? Weren’t you the one who was so keen to be ‘independent’ and have her own business?” he jeered obnoxiously.

“Haan,” Khushi nodded her head even as she seethed in annoyance at his tone, “I did want, I still do, but then I have learnt that priorities change after having a child and my dilemma persists and in fact,” she hesitated and then charged on, “To be honest, I..I… would have left, but for your support, and Nani’s presence which reduces my conflict,” she admitted softly, “But in Di’s case…..”

“And you think it is Di’s fault for wanting to spread her wings and give in to the cache of creativity that Di has within herself!” He was incredulous and up in arms, and ranted on uncaring, “That she should crush all that she is capable of to take care of his children,” he sneered, he shook his head disbelievingly, “Just because you don’t have any such overpowering passion and talent you can pass judgemental statements…”

“Nahi, and I never said that!” Khushi retorted evenly, swallowing her hurt at his thoughtless comments, “And don’t go around putting words in my mouth! That is completely Di’s decision, who apart from being a wife and a mother is also a woman. She has to decide which call is greater; there is no point in her staying at home to look after the kids and give them company, if she is going to be pining for something else completely!” She refuted his allegations hotly, “Hum samajhte hai, she would be irritable and frustrated which in turn wouldn’t be good for the kids. But the point is that both Di and Bhaiyya should make a decision and come to an arrangement that is best suited for their kids, and in the process there is bound to be some ruffled feathers, and that is all that you witnessed today! Trust you to make a mountain of a molehill!” she gave back as good as she got, she sighed, the fight going out of her and weariness overtook her, this was Di they were talking about, when would she ever learn? He certainly wasn’t going to! “Please aap samajhne ki koshish toh kijiye Arnav, it really is not such a big deal as you are making it out to be,” she said without much hope as she lay down and pulled up the covers, “I am tired, I am going to sleep.”

“That’s it, run away from the battle when things are not going your way!” Arnav wasn’t ready to drop the argument there, “Why doesn’t Khsitij stay at home and take care of the kids, its not as if he is earning millions, I am sure Di can earn more than him…”

“Baat paison ki nahi hai,” Khushi sat up with the intention of trying once more against her better sense but then she took one look at his mutinous expression and gave up, “Please can we just drop it?” she pleaded suddenly exhausted, “Its late and this argument can go on forever without you understanding that it is not necessary to take sides, that both can be right,” she shook her head wearily, “Without you attacking me,” her voice dropped to a whisper, she hurriedly lay down and tried to calm down.

Ok guys time to feel your pulse again but since all of you are in the silentia mode I have listed certain options and hope you will copy paste it in the comment box. If I have not included your particular option please feel free to edit. Suggestions, if any, are welcome!

For working mums

I was lucky to get my husband’s and family’s support and am happy with the way my career shaped up

I made my choice, but it is tough and often feel like giving up my work

I compromised on my career for the sake of my family but I DON’T regret it

I compromised on my career for the sake of my family but I DO regret it

For those still studying

I am extremely ambitious and I have full intentions of pursuing a high profile career after marriage and children

For me, children take priority and career will definitely take a back seat

My life’s ambition is to to look after my ‘ASR’ and our children

Undecided, will see which way the wind blows later

For homemakers who chose to give up their careers for the sake of family

It was my choice but I regret giving up my job, I wish I had stuck it out

I have no regrets for it was impossible to manage both

I was forced by my in-laws and husband to give up my job

I intend to get back to work now that my kids no longer need me 24/7

Financial requirements forced me to continue my career

For homemakers by choice

I regret my choice

I have no regrets

I am now looking at career options

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 233: Di & Kshitij”

  1. Luckily I have had no such problems. Being single no husband and children to worry about. But I see it all the time that the new mum married or single has a difficult time juggling work and baby. My sister gave up work to raise her daughters and never went back to work. My sister in laws stopped working until the kids started school and then went back to work. Most couples try their best to juggle children and work. These days with flexible working hours one parent takes the kids to school or babyminder in the morning and the other parent brings them home in the evening. During School Holidays the grandparents help out looking after them.

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  2. I ll try to balancd as much as i can, but ine thing i wanted for sure is that i wwnted to financially independent. I Wanted to earn and contribute to my family and if there comes a situation where i have to chose i ll still try to find a way to earn while staying home..

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  3. Every individual should be financially independent. So, I always planned to work and I could always balance work and family. It just worked out. So, there was never a question of either ignoring the family (or children in this case) or ignoring my own ambitions. All I would say is, at least one parent should have flexible working hours to maintain balance in family life. At the beginning, my husband used to travel a lot and recently I started travelling a lot for work. We did not plan it that way, but, it worked out.
    Good on your for raising social issues as part of the story.


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