Chapter 168: ASR Reminisces

About 2 years ago continued

Nani looked at her wisely, “Bitiya, eee sab toh chalta rehta hai and can be easily managed, but this time between a husband and wife is precious and you should grab each moment that is offered,” Khushi shook her head unhappily, “Naniji, hum Di ke ghar ja rahe hain for the weekend, I will just pack my things and go.”

Nani nodded her head, “Theek hai bitiya, jaisan aap ki marzee, par jaane se pehle humre sangh chai pi kar jaana theek hai?”

Khushi dutifully nodded her head and walked slowly to their room.The sight of the packed suitcases was too much for her sensibilities and taking advantage of the privacy of their room, Khushi burst into heart-rending sobs. After a while, she hiccuped and wiped away her tears and freshened up. She hurriedly packed the things she would need for an overnight stay at GM; she wanted to leave before Arnav came back, she knew she wouldn’t be able to control her emotions and she didn’t want to spoil his trip. She looked at the clock, it was just 3 pm, still loads of time, but Naniji ke saath chai bhi toh peena hai, she picked up her bag; hey DM let Arnav have a safe and good trip, she prayed and turned to leave. To her surprise, the door swung open and Arnav walked in.

Khushi dropped the bag through suddenly nerveless fingers, “Arnav?” she squeaked in surprise.

Arnav just looked at her dully and moved to the bed listlessly and silently flopped down on it, “Arnav!” Khushi rushed to him, very worried. He slowly lay down on the bed and closed his eyes, “Arnav!” Khushi shook him in alarm; he opened his eyes with an effort, and mumbled indistinctly, “Meetha, kuch meetha, meetha.”

Khushi looked around in haste, meetha meetha, should I go downstairs, will take too much time, but yahan par meetha? Oooh yes, suddenly she remembered and rushed to her purse and hurriedly extracted a lollipop she had bought for Yash and thrust it into ASR’s mouth. He winced but what has to be done has to be done, he clamped down on it determinedly. After a judicious wait, he opened his eyes, half sat up and took away the lollipop, looked at it disgustedly, and unable to resist any longer burst out, “Seriously Khushi, a lollipop! Aur kuch meetha nahi mila?”

“Aap theek toh hain?” Khushi was very worried, “Kya hua achanak? Doctor ko bulaoon?”

Arnav hurriedly sank back weakly, “Haan, ab theek hoon, woh kuch nahi, actually the doctor recently changed my medicines and he did warn me that I may feel unwell and to be careful about low sugar etc, but I forgot, so,” he trailed off too exhausted to speak any more.

Khushi looked at him in consternation; she flopped down beside him, “Kab! Aapne hume bataya bhi nahi! Ab aap kaise jayenge Mauritius woh bhi akele? Nahi nahi aap nahi jaa sakte, hum abhi doctor ko phone karte hain, abhi Amanji ko bhi phone karti hoon aur tickets cancel karwati hoon,” she got up to get her phone but Arnav swiftly grabbed her arm with remarkably quick reflexes for a man who nearly fainted due to an attack of hypoglycemia. Khushi was roughly jerked back and fell on top of him, “Nahi Khushi,” Arnav murmured huskily, “I can’t cancel the trip, I got too much resting on this deal, I can’t afford to back out now.”

Now, Khushi felt dizzy and breathless, her heart was thudding hard, surely must be due to fear and nervousness because of his health, but his eyes they turned her brains to mush; history was repeating itself, he was saying something but his eyes said something completely different and his nearness didn’t help neither did all her ‘hum samajhte hain’ of ASR.

She allowed herself the luxury of drowning herself in his eyes, before his ‘health condition’ alert jerked her back to sanity, she sat up and cleared her throat determinedly, “Aap nahi ja sakte, send Aman instead.”

Arnav smothered a laugh and shook his head gravely, “No I am afraid Aman is not appropriate replacement for the deal I have in mind.”

Khushi closed her eyes frustrated, “Aap humari baat samajh kyon nahi rahe hai, hum aapko akele, is haal main nahi jaane de sakte hain.”

Arnav settled back comfortably on the pillows and pursed his lips, “Sorry but when duty calls, what can I do? You gotta go when you gotta go.”

“Theek hai,” Khushi nodded her head, “But I won’t let you go alone, get my tickets booked as well, aap toh Arnav Singh Raizada hain na, abhi humara ticket visa jo bhi chahiye arrange kariye, hum bhi aa rahe hain aapke saath, samjhe aap?”

Arnav clenched his hands in victory but said softly, “Khushi I am fine, you worry too much, I will manage, adat hai mujhe, itne saalon se toh sab kuch akele hi manage kar raha hoon, you don’t worry about me, and you have so much work, so many commitments, unka kya?” he gave a long suffering soulful look.

Khushi looked at him stubbornly, “Woh humara problem hai, you call Aman right now and arrange the tickets for me, otherwise hum keh dete hain, you are not going anywhere.”

“And how do you propose to stop me?” he asked softly yet dangerously.

Khushi glared at him and shook her finger nervously at him, “Warna hum, hum…hum Di ko bata denge,” she recovered triumphantly, “Aap humari tickets book karwa rahein ke ki hum aapka tickets cancel karwaen?”

Arnav sat up with a sigh, “Ok,” he shrugged and dug out his phone and ostensibly called up Aman. He turned his back to Khushi so that she couldn’t see the beatific smile that creased his face.

Game, set and match.

Arnav completed his call and settled back on the bed, “Aman will be sending the tickets soon, but Khushi are you sure? It is already 4 pm and we have to leave latest by 8 pm, four hours and so many commitments, kaise manage hoga sab?” A victorious Arnav rubbed it in.

Khushi shrugged nonchalantly, “Kya hoga, it is just for a day or two right, I mean aapka deal hote hi hum wapas chale ayenge, after all aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai na?”

Arnav looked at her pityingly, “No Khushi, you don’t understand, I have to go for at least 10 days maybe even 15; I told you I am looking into a couple of deals and finalize hone main itna time lagega, waise bhi the CEO of one of the companies is available only later, so either I hang around or I will have to go back again after a week.”

Khushi looked at him worried, 10-15 days away! Lost in her thoughts, she chewed her lips in concern.

Arnav watched her face, for the first time his confidence wavered, he cursed himself, abhi se batane ki kye zaroorat thi itne din ke liye ja rahe hai, you should have told her later, when it would have been too late for her to fuss and back track, his heart sank, had he gone for overkill? Fifteen days at the drop of a hat was a bit much he admitted to himself, would I have been able to go along with her had the situation been reversed?


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  1. would I have been able to go along with her had the situation been reversed? -> chalo at least he admits he is a hypocrite!

    Waise ye hypoglycemic attack was a naatak right?

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