Chapter 159: ASR’s Grouse

Khushi silently savored the heavenly feeling of being in her Arnav’s arms, too choked up to say anything; Arnav drew back after a little while, a bit concerned about his wife’s unusual silence, “Dekha, no wonder I think you don’t love me as much, maine kitni baar kaha ‘I love you’, aur tumne, ek baar bhi nahi,” he said plaintively, “waise toh baat karte thakti nahi, aur ab…” he trailed off rather accusingly

Struck, Khushi stared at Arnav, ‘he was right’ she hadn’t once expressed the love that flooded her heart and head! She shook her head, “Strange isn’t it?” she mused, “Hum kitna bolte hain, par somehow I don’t feel it necessary to say the obvious,” she pouted and shook her finger at him, “Sab aapki galti hai.”

Arnav was astounded, “What the, meri galti! How?!”

Khushi moved towards the recliner and held out her hand to him silently, he sat down on a stool in front of her, “Aapki galti kyonki you give such an air of knowing everything, you are so arrogant and so self confident, main Arnav Singh Raizada hoon, main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon, mujhe koi farq nahi padta and all that,” she mocked him gently, “toh hume toh lagega na, ki aap sab jaante hain, aap jaante hain hum aapse kitna pyaar karte hain, aur jo jaante hain usse baar baar kehne ki kya zaroorat hai?”

She smiled mistily and continued softly, tenderly, “Par hum hamesha bhool jaate hain, ki ho toh aap Chotte hi na, someone despite his various armours worn for show to the world is actually a sensitive and emotional little boy who is in need of reassurance just as much as I am.”

He flushed and looked away.

“Sab yehi sochte hain ki men are insensitive, harsh, aggressive and miles away from emotions that beset women, they don’t have finer feelings and don’t get so easily hurt as women do. Par hume nahi lagta yeh sach hai,” she shrugged and then said, “kam se kam aapke liye toh nahi, jitna aap kator aur sakht hone ha dikhawa kartein hain utne hi narm dil aur sensitive hain aap,” she accused softly lovingly.

She tenderly caressed his face, “Haan yeh humari galti hai ki yeh jaante huye bhi kabhi kabhi aape naqab se dokha kha jaate hain aur usi ko sach maan lete hain, aur zaroorat hi nahi samajhte hi aapko bhi batana padega, I love you dammit!”

Arnav swallowed and clutched on to her hand as one would a lifeline, “And I used to think women are weak, emotional fools,” his lips twisted self-deprecatingly, “that they are likely to break down at the least bit of pressure,” he looked at her ruefully, “Maine kitni koshish kari that I break your silence, your control, to make you beg, to make you weep and admit that you loved me, but tum nahi maani,” he sighed, “I got engaged to Lavanya, I insisted you organize our engagement party, I made it a point to stay back and choose jewelry for her and even taunted you about it hoping against hope that you would break, admit that you cared even then, but you didn’t break did you?” He shook his head ruefully, “In fact I blinked first, I nearly let the cat out of the bag when I got to know of your engagement, then at the at the mall, I over-reacted and deliberately went all out to hurt you just as much as I was hurting but then at the sight of your tears I chickened out.”

He fell silent and caressed her cheek with his thumb, his face awash with emotions, he swallowed hard, “Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai that you ‘confessed’ your love for me only because you were grateful to me for taking care of your Babuji, that it was not really ‘love’ that you felt for me but you mistook thankfulness for love,” he shrugged, “and it is true, when I was kidnapped, you would have done the whatever you could to save anybody, like Baanke Lal, like you did for me, and I even believe that you agreed to marry me the second time purely out of a sense of duty, obligation and your own sanskaar which forced you to accept me as your husband merely because I had tied the mangalsutra and put sindoor on you.”

Khushi was astounded and her heart nearly broke for this sensitive caring man who was beset by doubts and worse she never realized! It was not he who took her for granted, but she too was guilty of neglect, she failed to notice that he too was in need of reassurance, over and over again, that she did indeed care for him, that his transgressions were not strong enough to break her love for him. He was right, he was no doubt the aggressor, the one who hurt her terribly but he was also the one who tended to her hurt, left no doubt in her mind that no matter what he did, he did indeed love her, at least she had never doubted his love for her! She was the passive partner, she bore whatever he dished out with forbearance, knowing she just had to wait out the bad phase, let ASR run out of steam for her Arnav would be back, but never had she thought it necessary to go out of her way or be the one to forcefully openly declare that she loved him.

She stared at him a bit sadly, how to convince him? “Sab aapki galti hai,” she repeated without heat.

He looked at her questioningly.

“You are physically stronger than me, toh it is easy for you, you just forcefully pick me up, imprison me in your arms or kiss me senseless till I have no choice but to yield to my ‘Swami’s’ dictates,” she rued, “Hum toh aisa nahi kar sakte na, I can only wait, wait till you are in the ‘mood’ and dance to your tunes; ab aap hi sochiye, hume kab pyaar aata hai aap par?”

He shrugged and shook his head.

“Jab aap office ke liye taiyyar ho rahe hote hain, jab aap dhyaan laga kar laptop par kaam kar rahe hote hai, jab aap Bluetooth par Aman ko daant rahe hote hai, pata nahi kyon, bada man karta hai ki I hug you, break your concentration, humare paas wapas bula lein, zor se bolein ‘I love you dammit’,” she laughed, “Can you imagine aisa karne se kya hoga?”

A smile crinkled Arnav’s eyes and his lips twitched, encouraged, Khushi went on, “When I got the haircut and you were so mad at me, aap par hume gussa bhi aa raha tha, pyaar bhi, I knew you were hurting, I wanted so desperately to hold you in my arms, wash away the pain, par kya aap aisa karne dete, kya aap humari taraf dekhte bhi? Aap toh humare saath zabardasti kar sakte hain par hum, hum toh aapko utha kar yahan nahi la sakte na, bas Arnav ke aane ka intezaar hi kar sakte hain,” Khushi’s voice trembled and broke.

Remorse flickered on Arnav’s face, “I understand Khushi, I didn’t quite see it like that, I am sorry for doubting you, actually it is not so much doubting you as my own guilty conscience that taunts me and haunts me, makes me so insecure…”

Khushi fiercely clutched his hand with both her hands and raised it to her lips and said emotionally, “I know yeh humari galati hai, but I will try to keep it in mind that you too need as much reassurance as I do, especially now that the baby is coming and will be taking up a huge share of my time, par aap hamesha yaad rakhna, humare liye, aap ho to sab kuch hai, warna kuch bhi nahi,” suddenly mischief flickered in her eyes and they twinkled naughtily, “Waise achcha hi hai, Arnav Singh Raizada ko thoda suspense main rakhna chahiye, bahut hi akdu aur khadoos hai, he needs to be taken down a peg or two, kyon sahi kaha na humne?” she waggled her eyes at him.

A rueful grin stole across Arnav’s eyes, “Uchit hai.”

The raging storm subsided, the rain ceased and a cool breeze blew, the melodious strains of the RV tuned their hearts to beat harmoniously with a richer and deeper understanding of each other.


Woh mall wali baat hui thi ki it is Dahlia’s imagination? Mujhe toh kuch bhi yaad nahi 😦

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 159: ASR’s Grouse”

  1. Arnav needs reassurance again and again that Khushi loves him.Not surprised that he can’t believe that Khushi loves him after all the horrible things he did to her. He knows that she loves him but still can not belive it.
    The mall incident was very painful .That is when Khushi realised that Arnav did not feel anything for her. One thing I did not understand was that Arnav was affected by Khushi’s tears and he decided that no more, he will not let it happen. Did he mean he will ease off or that he will not let Khushi’s tears affect him?
    I hated ASR at that time so much that for me there was no redumption for him. I almost wrote a story where Khushi bumped into her college friend Samrat (mile jab hum tum) and went off with him and married him, Leaving ASR to become Devdas..(Ha!ha!Ha!)
    Good night Dahlia.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ASR as Devdas 😀 That is such a cool story! I wish you had written it although you probably would have been slaughtered 😀 btw mall incident is the airport one or is it some other incident?


      1. arshifan2012 has described the mall incident perfectly. The only thing to add is that while Khushi sat very upset and tearful, Lavanya was very happy and said she could not believe she was getting engaged to Arnav that it seemed like a dream. Khushi answered that it was better to live in a dream world as in real life there was only heartbreak. I think ASR decided that he was not going to let Khushi’s tears to get to him because he carried on being nasty to her.
        At the airport when ASR was leaving he found that he could not leave her. He realised something(I think he realised that he loved her and that he did not need any proof of her innocence) So he stopped to turn back but got hijacked by the kidnappers and disappeared. (He went off to make is debut film 22 yards. except that film never saw the light)
        Good Afternoon Dahlia.


  2. Wow! that was an intense chapter. I didnt remember these parts from SS. Dont know how I forgot.. To be honest, even I used to think how can Khushi love ASR, maybe its the karthavya and sanskar made her marry him twice and acidity and dhak dhak made her believe that it was love 😛 As ASR said, she cares for everyone, love easily and will go to any extent to help anyone, she just has to set everything right for everyone 🙂 & its so easy for anyone to fall in love with her but ASR?? indeed bechare Totte 😛
    Thank you for all the closures and khulasas, varna hum bhi kabhi samajh nahi paate all these inner thoughts! Wanted to comment on the closure on “aap ne humare liye chudiyan kyun kharidi” too 🙂
    I think the mall incident is where both Khushi and Lavanya were selecting the engagement dress, La made Khushi to wear a maroon/purplish lehnga. ASR came to her and taunted her about how much the dress cost and said he will buy it for her coz he was sure her fiancé couldn’t afford it. I think he said something like tip samjhke rakh lo. and when he saw her in tears he felt bad and left from there.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Spot on Arshifan :), I too had forgotten the mall incident..
      Dhalia, loved Khushi’s ‘bade Arnav Singh Raizada banke phirthe hein, par hein to totte hi na’ 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Ahh yes! How could I forget – sapno ke duniya/asli zindagi! 😀 And even I have/had forgotten more than half of all that DM poured out in these pages in her desperation for closure justification redemption and what not – I am just as surprised as you are😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, our asr aka chote aka totte and many such is so insecure and guilt ridden. Glad that Khushi stuck to her guns and got him to admit and discuss the issue and apne pyar ka izhar kiya. But my favorite line too, like Nisha’s comment above, was ‘bade Arnav Singh Raizada banke phirthe hein, par hain to totte hi na’

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ha ha, that’s true, if only Ipk had incorporated the asli zindagi bits too…towards the end they had kinda lost the plot and we had to depend on you wonderful writers to carry the tale forward to its logical end. Thank for doing that Dahlia and keeping us entertained. 😘😘🤗🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You know, despite all that khushi said to reassure him, I can guarantee you, inside his head he doesn’t really believe it. I mean he believes her and doesn’t doubt her, but his “logic” doesn’t let him to stay strong on his conviction. ASR doesn’t like change. Especially doesn’t like changing what he thinks. So he will develop a convenient selective memory. Maybe if Khushi continues to reassure him, yeah. But she doesn’t do that, does she. It’s just not in her nature to.

    You know this chapter reminded me of how Kshitij promised Anjie that he will continue to reassure her all throughout their life. I think that vow should have been Khushi and Arnav’s too. Maybe then, just maybe, they both would have been spared of all the hurt? One can only hope…and of course write a tale based on conjecture. (Eagerly waiting for yours, bhule nahi hai hum :P).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Life gets in the way. Or perhaps, such is life. Happiness has to come from within. Despite reassurances and reaffirmation, people dont put in enough effort to clean up the mess inside their heads.

        Liked by 1 person

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