A Chip off the Old Block

Heart thudding Devansh watched them from behind the curtains.

Why was Dad yelling?

He looked mad enough to kill.

Devansh clenched his fists and blood rushed to his head. He didn’t care that he was too small too puny to take on his father. He would jump right in if he so much as raised his hand…

ASR raised his hand.

Devansh took a step forward.

ASR shook his forefinger in Khushi’s face.

Khushi stood her ground and said something too low for Devansh to catch.

ASR dropped his hand.

He turned on his heel and strode out.

The house reverberated as the door slammed.

“Guddu? Come on out.” Khushi called.

Devansh shuffled out from his hiding place behind the curtains. “Are you okay Mom?” his voice broke.

Khushi enfolded him in her warm embrace. “Of course darling. Don’t I look it?” She spread her arms and twinkled at him.

“Why were you and Dad fighting?”

“ We weren’t fighting. We…we were having a difference of opinion.”

“But why was he shouting so much?”

“That’s all just bluster.” Khushi tried to make light of it. “He worries and shouting calms him down.”

“That’s not done Mom.”

“It’s okay Guddu. Don’t worry. He will calm down soon enough now that he has blown off his steam.” Khushi crossed her fingers.

“What if he doesn’t?”

“He will.” Khushi sent up a silent prayer.

“Is he going to divorce you?”

“No!” Khushi hugged the little boy close. “Why do you think that?” He stood stiff and unyielding in her arms. His eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

“He was so angry.” His voice trembled and his lips quivered.

“Aww sweetheart, don’t mind him. You know he is all bark and no bite.”

“But why does he always scold you?”

“Umm, because it’s my fault?”

“Mom I am sure you have the Stockholm syndrome.”

“What?! No!” Khushi was taken aback. “Not again. What have you been reading?” She asked with foreboding.

“Why else would you take it Mom?”

“Oh Guddu, my darling,” Khushi shook him gently. “It’s not like that. He loves me very much. It’s just that when he gets upset it is rather audible…”

“It’s not fair…”

“Life is not always fair. And things are not always black and white. Just because you can hear him shouting doesn’t mean he is bad or wrong. And just because you don’t hear me shouting doesn’t mean I am good or right.”

Devansh shook his head wearing a mutinous expression. “But…”

“What happens when Chotti fiddles with your stuff? Who screams and shouts? Does that mean you are wrong?” Devansh wore an arrested expression. Khushi looked at him with a knowing expression.

Devansh struggled for a bit. “Does that mean it is okay for me to scream and shout?” he recovered and shot back.

Khushi was caught. She coughed. “No…ooo.” She was skating on thin ice. “Of course not but sometimes,” she looked at him warning, “just sometimes the situation is such that the shouting is secondary to the crisis…” She fumbled and tried to complicate matters. She didn’t want to condone ASR’s behavior but then she couldn’t let Guddu think poorly of his father could she?


“Perhaps I did something that provoked him and his reaction is justified? Besides, he may seem to have been shouting but to tell the truth it’s nothing compared to what he is capable of,” she rolled her eyes. “Considering that, this morning was a pleasant shower.” She grinned at him and tried to underplay it.

“I don’t understand. You tell me not to raise my voice but it’s okay if Dad does so?”

Khushi sighed. She was getting deeper and deeper into quicksand. And there was no lifeline. She plodded on hoping against hope that she would come up with something good enough to satisfy Guddu. Or divert his attention.

“No, it’s not okay. But he is trying and that is what matters. And old habits die hard. That’s why I tell you to control your temper before it becomes a habit.”

Guddu looked at her disapprovingly. “You are too soft with Dad.” He accused her of favoritism. “He’s mean to you and you never say anything to him.”

Khushi flushed and tweaked his nose. “You are too young to understand the complexities of a marriage.”

Dev drew himself up. “I am going to be 9 next month.”

Khushi laughed. “Of course you are! But still a long long way from understanding relationships.”

“Make me understand.” He insisted. “Why aren’t you even angry with him?”

How could she tell Guddu that she was mad enough to want to slow boil him in oil?

Khushi shrugged helplessly. “A happy life is about achieving balance. About focusing on the good things and accepting the few hiccups that come along with it. It’s about keeping the larger picture in mind. Like you hate getting up in the morning for school. You don’t much care about classes either.” Devansh gave a rueful grin at her teasing twinkle. “But you do look forward to the football sessions and meeting your friends, sneaking off to the school canteen on holidays for Chole bhature.”

Devansh gasped. “You know!”

“Of course I know. I know everything. I am your mother.” She kissed him and gave him a hug. “All that makes the effort of getting up in the morning, sitting through boring classes worth it isn’t it?”

Devansh nodded slowly.

Khushi nodded brightly and gave him a little push. “Good boy. Now go and do your thing. There’s nothing to worry about. Dad will be fine in just a bit. And don’t worry I will scold him for shouting. No pasta for him for a week.” She winked at him.

Devansh walked to the door.

He stopped.

He came back and threw his arms around her waist. “Mamma, you don’t have to compromise because of us.” His voice was muffled and wobbled a bit.

“Oh darling, that’s not what I meant to convey.” Khushi was aghast at how Devansh had interpreted her words.

“But that’s the truth isn’t it? You stay here because of us. Because we make it worth it.”

Khushi’s heart almost broke. Just for this she could have cheerfully murdered her beloved triple-named Rakshash. How many times had she told him to keep his volume down?

“Mom!” Devansh shook her. “Let us leave him and go away. We can manage without him.”

Khushi looked up and caught a glimpse of his shadow lurking near the poolside.

The knowledge that he was listening in on the conversation and was forced to keep quiet was comforting. She decided to punish him a little bit more. Besides, he had been unnecessarily harsh…

“Yes, darling we can manage without him.” She paused. “But the question is can he manage without us?” She looked out at poolside. His shadow moved restlessly.

“I don’t care.” Devansh was mad at his father for yelling at his mom. How dare he?

Khushi sighed. “Well I care. And so do you. Right now you are angry that’s why…”

“I don’t care!” Guddu shouted, “I hate him. I hate him.” His face was all red and scrunched up.

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37 thoughts on “A Chip off the Old Block”

      1. Hi reading enjoying your silver streaks chap 17 , its fun light and romantic , have you written some on this site and rest on your wordpress blog?
        why not have it all as stand alone wordpress site its very user friendly. just a suggestion. stand alone as your present wordpress site is a bit difficult to navigate . hope you dont mind my suggestion

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Appreciate ur suggestion but here i have to work with WordPress site constraints. Initially it is difficult to navigate esp on phone. Standalone posts


      3. Sorry..recent ones are displayed first then categorized according to type Flash fiction; IPKKND or Silver Streaks etc. Then come d Pages with OS based on SS and Moonshine chapters. But the entire Silver Streaks (abt 500 chapter) are available in the link above.


      4. R eading silver streaks in bits and pieces , one Q toward the last few chapters it appears as though arnav khushi are not in a happy marriage and that khushi is looked down on by all inc her children- am i wrong? or is that temporary phase and you plan to change to a happier relationship in the new updates

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Silver Streaks is best read in sequence and chapter wise – everything is interlinked. Secondly, SS is not a fairy tale with a happily ever after, it is more of an attempt to have a realistic look at the relationship dynamics between a couple who are in love with each other but are completely different individuals. So if you are hoping for something like Ek Jashn Yahan – the web sequel to IPK, perhaps SS is not for you.


      6. sorry didnt mean to offend you -you got it wrong , i am not hoping for anything , it was just a Q , whether in SS the marriage worked out or not .and gong back to read it in sequence . Btw it would not have been
        a tough ride considering their disparties .

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Ahh no! I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I was offended! I understand IPK is very dear and personal for its fans and everyone has their own versions of what would have ensued in their marriage. I didnt want you to plod through a mammoth compilation of my personal vision if it didnt meet with your vision. It is interesting to come across differing perspectives and views – that “it would not have been a tough ride considering their disparities!” I would love to know why would think that and where and how you disagree with my views. I welcome your critique and perspective and hope I can be mature enough to take a few (virtual) brickbats 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. “it would not have been a tough ride considering their disparties” wrote that wrong let me correct myself .tough coz they are too too different
        ( not talking about language diffrences – would some raise this if it was an Indian marrying a European who didn’t know a word of English) . everyday every thing in their routine life would be a battle over many mundane things they disagreed on & would lead to a lot of shouting screaming leaving the each other & other family members drained , these 2 may forget most of their collisions as the making up will always happen as they need each other . very very hard on the children until, if ever they understand and accept their parents equations

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes very true – but I feel children are very perceptive and sensitive to vibes rather than the overt war that maybe playing out. If they can hold on to their despite their differences, the children will be fine. Besides a little bit of conflict and ups and downs in life is good for the kids too – toughen them up and make them accepting of differing perspectives and that it is okay not to agree – dont you think?


      10. yes i agree as long as conflict doesn’t become ugly and no outsiders enter the conflicts unless their mediation is sought. only the 2 in a relationship know what is going on and often the others make matters worse

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Guddu has been always mature beyond his years…”going to be 9″ and he already talks like 19…his protective instincts stands out very much…thanks to his genes! 😀


      1. I have been good. After the cold spell, the weather is mild. It is sunny and some of my surviving bulbs are flowering. My magnolia is on the verge of blooming. The cherry tree is showing small flower buds and will be in bloom in few weeks time.
        As for my Mr. RBR, I don’t know. Perhaps he has gone on a long journey. But I see new kids on the block. I am hoping to make my acquaintance with them

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