Just 4 Fun # 79


Apologies for missing out on just for fun last week and (almost) this week as well. Just some cool pics thoughts and quirky pieces from all over the world – hope you like.

BlocksairWould you stand under that?

HouseairI wouldn’t mind living up there!


Hmm who inspired who? 😛


Can she see through that? That reminds me, there was a news item of a break-in into a store by a man wearing a see-through plastic head cover. Needless to say the CCTV had no trouble capturing his fine features 😀


In this world where everyone is out to squash you, you can either


Give in or

ResistWhat’s your choice?

StrengthResist, defy and just be


A couple of my favorite Women’s Day greetings 😉



And therein lies the whole crux of the matter


When two pieces of rocks misfit people are bound together in marriage, that’s how it is.


Pretty much the words to any real friend I ever had. & some family :)

Look forward to that day 😀 Have a great week and as usual none of the stuff is mine and all credit and kudos to the artists who created these.


Just 4 Fun # 78


So how was Holi? Colorful? Surely not as much as Mother Nature who’s busy playing her game of colors.

FlameIt is my ambition to see this live, until then I feast on the blooms that dot Delhi’s horizon heralding the arrival of spring.


Actually even those who have to shift houses can’t sleep nights worrying, planning, fretting…ahh well this too shall pass. But only if there was a fast forward button. And while I am at it, perhaps a rewind button as well 😀

Eng copy

This may just be true – Indians have a high risk of heart disease. By the way did you know, eggs are now the good guys and the bad guys? Refined carbohydrates. But if you didnt know English, you wouldn’t be reading this and very likely your arteries wouldn’t get all hyper and clogged up. I wonder if there’s anyway to unlearn English?

Ele - eagle

It’s exam time and a good time to take this lesson to heart. Go easy on your kid (and yourself) remember, if it doesn’t end well – it isn’t the end. Besides it’s never over until you say it is right?

Image result for jokes images in english

It happens! Under pressure people get confused. My son was at his chemistry board practicals when he got an SOS from a classmate. He wasnt getting the desired reaction with the given salt. So he led his friend through the entire exercise. Did you put A? Add B. Heat. Mix. Dilute. Add HCl? Yes. Yes. Yes. Went the beleaguered classmate. Finally my son asked – Did you add the test salt? Oops!

Image result for jokes images in english

So just chill and believe


All the very best to all exam goers!

36 Hilarious Pictures about Marriage #funnypics #humor #lol #funnymemes #funnypictures

All said and done, don’t want you to chill so much either 😀 😀

minion quotes

You can say that but only after the exams 😉

That’s it from me this week and as usual none of these are mine. All are borrowed from the internet or received as forwards. Have a wonderful week.

Well okay one last one before I leave on what not to do (but I wish I had the gumption to do)

Image result for calvin and hobbes school comics

Well which one’s your favorite?

Just 4 Fun #77


And while moving ahead we often miss how far we have come


Isn’t that right? In fact despite our bodies aging our hearts and minds go on a retrograde journey


And even then some people don’t quite learn do they?


So now that I have your attention and seeing how interested all of you are in getting the grey cells to work here’s a little something to keep you busy 😉


Do let me know when you solve it 😀


Ever since then I’ve stopped working hard!


And adopted laziness as my top priority – err well not that I needed much persuasion.


Too close to truth isn’t it? I wonder if things would change if women started handing out rings and proposing to men? What do you think? Well I think there’s love. Love what’s that you ask? I have no answers my friend – though Winnie the Pooh does

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Quote Wall Watercolor Painting Art Print - Nursery Baby Boy GIrl Room Decor Gift - FondNest by Jamie Schapper



Funny how the simplest of things escape us – like this one

❤Never Fear the Shadows... there's a light shining somewhere!️

Oh well much as I would love to sit here and hunt out more fun stuff the fact is I have work to do.

This is my hope when I go into my son's territory

I tried several times – but no such luck. It was till there when I woke up several hours later. So since it can’t be put off any longer, this is it for this week. See you with more fun next week and wish you all a wonderful Holi.

Be colorful always.

A disclaimer as always none of this stuff is mine but borrowed from the internet and text forwards.


Just 4 Fun #76


So are you ready for some fun? But where’s the scope for fun during weekdays you ask?


Or perhaps you would prefer to put it like this:

Let your smile change the world

Now that’s the spirit! 😀

ChocoJust the other day I was thinking I can resist chocolates but not jalebis or chikki 😉 What about you?

SoundSome time ago my sister called me up and said, “I was having this conversation with my son and I swear I could hear Ma coming out of my mouth!” Has that ever happened with you?

Man mirror

So true… but then too serious for a Monday fun post right?

Minions Pinterest - @minionsalive

Heheh – me and who else?

Caution: u see this coz I post thisSo which one is your favorite 😀

Lol hilarious. I have to try this...even though it will probably get me into a lot of trouble.

That’s me apologizing for this post – not as much fun as I thought it would be. Maybe I am just tired and the week’s just begun…

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.38.21 PMHow I wish I could be Hobbes 😀 Oh well Calvin has to go to school and we will have to go to work but since we are on the topic of wishes…

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 38 Pics

Ahh that sure does sound like bliss 😉

That’s it folks and as usual none of it is mine but borrowed from the world wide web. Have a super week ahead.






Just 4 Fun #75


How cute is that? Looks to be having some really sweet and pleasant dreams 🙂


So perhaps I should end this post and go back to my dreams 😀


I came across some more examples of nature play-acting. A papaya bird! Can’t you just imagine her getting bored of doing the same old stuff everyday and voila she is inspired by the little bird that pecks at her.


And then the hand that plucks at her clean.


But of course this one has to be my favorite – grooving and snaking to the song of the Universe that we are deaf to.

A tiny tale to change the mood.

TinyDark and deep huh?

TextingOops – Daddy’s busted 😉


Just look at their expressions, especially hers –Oh yeah? And he looks scruffy and maybe even drunk. Wonder what her reaction was? Perhaps something like this:



Heehaw 😀


Especially if you type HInglish and Benglish not to mention Benhind 😀

Okay that’s it from me, hope you liked my selection, of which as usual none are mine. I just collected them and shared for our collective entertainment. And before I go one tiny puzzle to make sure you don’t miss my going 😉 😀

PuzzleHave fun and if you know the answer do let me know in the comment box along with the solution. Have a super week 🙂

Just 4 Fun #74


Well, feeling lighter and ready to go? Come along!


Well now that algebra is sorted let’s hurry let’s we miss the train


Or we could stop the train like you would a bus! 😀 But actually I have no business snickering at her. I did exactly that once as I descended the stairs at the railway station and my train chugged away. Helpless and panic stricken (I was to go home!) instinctively I raised my hand to stop it. And wonder of wonders – the train stopped! The guard pulled the chain (taking pity on me?) and then had an altercation with the station guard for blowing the whistle five minutes too early. Our adventure didnt end there but maybe another day, another time. We have other fish to fry, right?


Wondering what’s written in Hindi? That is after you finished gaping at the sight? A policeman stopped them and them one of them unwound the muffler to ask incredulously, where the hell does you think you’re gonna sit? 😀


Now for some exotic fruits and veggis


Just look at that tongue – even a snake would get scared 😉


An alien potato!


PrescriptionThe grammar and medical goof! Perhaps he was distracted by the Akhilesh on TV. It happens you know when you are writing something and someone insists on going on blabbering -just sayin…


I get the feeling I have shared this before – but no matter, i couldn’t have shared it often enough 😀


Smart boy isn’t he! 😉 What? Now you want to go? Go where? Oh. I see.


Sure? But of course where there’s a will there’s a way. But I couldnt help wondering what the overriding pressure was on this bull…


How many pegs for it to reach up there? But more importantly, what next 😀 And will Basanti agree? And what about her mausi? What say you? Do share your thoughts.

That’s it from me this week and as usual, none of it is mine, all culled from the internet and shares sent as forwards just to keep the fun and cheer rolling.

Just 4 Fun #73


And who better to teach you to be awesome other than Minions? 😉 😀



Hmm yeah well that’s not really me…but I do know some people like that 😀


Yeah that’s me 😉 😀

Very intelligent!

My story too!

Truth!! Only person you can ever truly count on...yourself!

Err well not always, at least not my legs…


Heheh I completely agree – do you? Oh well I was just trying to guess your age 😀


Well that makes me feel loads better!

D ySo very true eh 😉 Maybe that’s enough for today, I am starving…


So to continue


I think we should have a 48 hour Saturday AND a 48 hour Sunday. That would be better.

Okay okay at least 36 hours, what do you say?


please just call me!!!!! ha!

Or at least leave me a note! Go on, do your good deed of the day. Thanks for visiting, hope you had fun, and as usual I take no credit for any of these which are taken from the internet.

Have a super week ahead




Just 4 Fun # 72

Hola folks, it’s fun time and for once I needn’t say anything at all for the pictures and captions say it all.

Go on and scroll down…







Well what did you think? Funny but kinda sad too don’t you think? Especially the pollution at Taj Mahal. I found the Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa one funniest. What about you?

As always, none of these images are mine and I have received them as shares/forwards and am keeping the chain moving.

Have a super week!


Just 4 Fun #71


and best wishes to all of you on the occasion of Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, Uttarayan the day which marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. In Gujarat it is celebrated by flying kites and the International Kite Festival is also held during this time. It’s a time to celebrate, enjoy and pray


Moving on, this week I have some really cool photos of trees – all forwarded

TreeAmazing isn’t it?

Mrs S

I am very grateful to Mrs S who forwarded me this amazing visual – if you are reading this – thank you!!! 🙂


Sq rootI can’t decide which I like more the roots or the caption 😀 And now the summers are all but here, how about a trip to the beach?


This what happens when you refuse to wet your feet at the beach. Poor guy can’t even take a selfie 😀

4th bandarWonder what Gandhiji would have had to say about this addition! And now for some interesting foodie-pretations!


Definitely looks more interesting than the humble khichdi although the Bengali khichudi is equally loaded 😀


Bit confused here – donuts are sweet and vada is salty. Oh well


I would love to have either of them right night – yummm


😀 😀 Isnt hash brown healthier and less calorific than Aloo Tikki?

Baked beans

I have to confess I prefer rajma – what about you? So which one’s your favorite? What none?!!


How true! Isnt it? Well to tell the truth once upon a time it was the best. But alas age and those calories catch and it’s time for my prayers


Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I found them on the internet or received them as forwards and am just keeping the fun going.

And before you go Just a quick note to brag (as I have already said in my earlier two posts) that I finally did what my blog had been crying out for months, okay years. I reorganized and updated my index making it easier to browse and check out earlier posts with snippets (but I’m still working on the blurbs). If you are free and so inclined how about browsing through Short Stories or Photo posts? Or perhaps you would like to exclusively gorge on all the previous 70 Just 4 Fun posts? Have fun! Feedback and suggestions most welcome!

Have a super week!


Just 4 Fun # 70


Why just happiness? Fun and laughter too multiplies when you share it. So here’s some stuff that made me laugh which I share in the hope that your smiles will again bring a smile to my face.

Let’s start with some New Year wishes


May you glow all through the year 😉

Leave Wonder if he was forced to go on a really long leave or promoted for his love 😀


Anyone interested?


Well in his defense, the point is to communicate and he got his massage across right? 😉 Anyone hungry?

SnakesNot fond of snakes? No problem, we serve a wide range


Send witches to make tea, coffe? Oh well, never mind


Mabel, see you at this corner 😀


To be honest I completely empathize with this one. Somethings are so deeply ingrained that it’s difficult to rise above them. Once we had to take our son to the hospital due to a severe attack of asthma. It was late at night and we were terribly worried and frazzled. My husband came and asked if the next dose had been given.

I said, “No he said a little later.”

“Who said?” He asked.

“He.” I gestured.

“Who he?” The hubby was irritable and impatient. “The doctor?

Numb and dumb, I shook my head.


I searched wildly for the right word and finally in a flash of brilliance I said, “The Sister said.”

I haven’t been able to forget the Nurse’s expression! Ah well, moving on…


Anyone requiring a specialist tailor you know where to go 😉

CertifiedI think this one deserves a satifiket for promoting phonetic writing 😀


Now I know which notice to put up when I am closed. But Meneja was the coolest 😀

A huge round of applause and cheers to the never say die spirit and the creativity of my fellow beings – which one did you like best? Or found toughest to decode? Do let me know and have a super week

Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I found them on the internet or received them as forwards and am just keeping the fun going.