Just 4 Fun #88


So even if I did miss this post last week I believe we are still together 😛



Ergo – let us all go ego-less 😀


Too much gyan kya? Let’s see what I else I can find…


Did you do that? Not me – I was a very good girl!


Not me… at least not then. But have been in similar situations while going into the boss’ room 😀


Yes! I will admit to this – you?




I have to confess, the cat is cuter! Moving on


Flexibility is key to survival.


Hmm I hope he didnt really die for then she would have had the last laugh – just kidding 😀



What’s your excuse? Mine is that it’s all those burgers and fries Mabel has been teasing me to drool about 😉




Extremely seriously!!!!


So how many you identify with Aunty Acid? Oh that reminds of a joke where this guy was moaning to his friend, “I dont think my wife is ever going to die. She has nothing but clothes, she wouldnt be caught dead in.”

That’s all folks – have a great week and as usual none of this stuff is mine, I aim to keep the laughter going 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun #88”

  1. I must admit barging into headmaster’s office and sit on his table to complain or talk. I was not the only one though. My classmates did the same. Ahh.. those were the carefree innocent days. In India that was not easy because the peon would not let us into the Principal’s office. I was the same with my bosses also. If I was not happy with my work schedule I used to just march into their offices and complain. Many of my colleagues grumbled but did not go to the boss.
    I never stabbed my eraser. It sat unused in my pencil box. Never had to use one (correct spelling and grammar)But I used to lose marks for my bad handwriting.
    I always sat in the front in the class as I was tiny. I was not too good with maths so when my teacher suggested in jest that I should be sitting at the back, I did. I continued to sit at the back in his class He did ask me to go back in front, I never did. I glad to say that I passed my O level maths with credit.
    I agree with Aunty Acid. Cupboardful of clothes but have nothing to wear And these days I forget where the kitchen is. ( more like do not want to remember)
    Here am I writing about myself when I am invisible being in the tiny dot that is earth in the universe.
    Better stop before I become boring and full of self-importance. Feel free to tell me off.

    Good night Dahlia.

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