Blooming Amaltas

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is about our place in the world. I decided to interpret it rather literally mostly because this is the right time (although not the right weather) to showcase my world. Temperatures are soaring and yesterday it was a sizzling 43o Celsius (109 o F) and like every summer my campus is on fire. Take a look.

20180512_103046Miles to ogle before I walk 😉

20180512_103121“It is with the intention of losing my way that I have descended on this path” Rabindranath Tagore

20180512_103215A dazzling and enchanting sight one that is quite difficult to tear ones eyes away from despite the blazing Sun.

20180512_102916I could look at this for hours and hours – from an air conditioned room of course 😉

Bane1The amaltas are perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea. This man wages a losing battle against the raining petals.

Bane2Show off 😉

20180509_174225While in school I used to draw the Sun rising from between the mountain peaks – this reminds me of that 😀

By the way, this is the view from my porch – now I’m showing off 😉 Just a couple of years more before we shift so may as well make the most of it!

Also linking to Becca’s Sunday Trees

Hope you enjoyed your stroll through my world – have a wonderful week 🙂

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45 thoughts on “Blooming Amaltas”

      1. Even I hope you do – I would love to see you create magic with them. And I would also love to know which is more difficult to shoot in the snow or the sun 😉 😀

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      2. I meant +22 here gives the same burning effect as +40 in india. I love to shoot in both seasons even in autumn. The landscape and the nature is totally different giving vivid frames. But then handling camera when temperature is below -10 is rather difficult.

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    1. The J vibes worked – we had a massive thunderstorm and its freezing! No really, sitting in the middle of May without AC is like freezing 😀 Thanks! 😛 Btw is the weather warmer over there?


  1. How lucky you are to enjoy this view of golden rain ☔️. There’s nothing quite so magnificent as a tree in full bloom . Right now the dew flowering trees of Mumbai are a blaze with colour too. I should go out and capture them before the blossoms fall.

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    1. Yes indeed I am lucky and blessed. I look forward your pics of the dew flowering trees. I have been pestering my son for a few years now but no luck as yet!


  2. Lovely pictures. Reminded of 2 spindly trees on the seafront(Dar es Salaam) with the spray of yellow flowers hanging. You are so lucky to have beautiful flowering trees on your campus. My campus in Mumbai used to have Gulmohar trees with flaming flowers in May. Yesterday I took a picture of British Laburnum with hanging yellow flowers near my home.
    Good Afternoon Dahlia. Lovely sunny day today.

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    1. Yes I am lucky and am constantly amazed at never really having noticed them earlier! I wonder what I was so preoccupied with that even the dazzling colors escaped me – strange but true. Your tree sounds gorgeous too (i looked it up 😀


  3. Dahlia, I loved the “miles to ogle” caption – very creative! Those yellow-yellow-yellow trees are amazing. And in such heat. I can’t even imagine. 🙂 Thanks for a fun post!

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      1. Even I dont know why – another friend also has the same problem. Hope it will go away on its own. Thank you for letting me know but I think i would have guessed (sooner or later) from your distinctive comment 🙂


  4. When they are so beautiful, it is mandatory to do “show-off” 🙂 Ahhh, “sun rising from between the mountain peaks”…. the cliched drawing of every child… and I agree with you 🙂

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