Just 4 Fun #77


And while moving ahead we often miss how far we have come


Isn’t that right? In fact despite our bodies aging our hearts and minds go on a retrograde journey


And even then some people don’t quite learn do they?


So now that I have your attention and seeing how interested all of you are in getting the grey cells to work here’s a little something to keep you busy 😉


Do let me know when you solve it 😀


Ever since then I’ve stopped working hard!


And adopted laziness as my top priority – err well not that I needed much persuasion.


Too close to truth isn’t it? I wonder if things would change if women started handing out rings and proposing to men? What do you think? Well I think there’s love. Love what’s that you ask? I have no answers my friend – though Winnie the Pooh does

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Quote Wall Watercolor Painting Art Print - Nursery Baby Boy GIrl Room Decor Gift - FondNest by Jamie Schapper



Funny how the simplest of things escape us – like this one

❤Never Fear the Shadows... there's a light shining somewhere!️

Oh well much as I would love to sit here and hunt out more fun stuff the fact is I have work to do.

This is my hope when I go into my son's territory

I tried several times – but no such luck. It was till there when I woke up several hours later. So since it can’t be put off any longer, this is it for this week. See you with more fun next week and wish you all a wonderful Holi.

Be colorful always.

A disclaimer as always none of this stuff is mine but borrowed from the internet and text forwards.


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12 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun #77”

    1. I believe the answer is 13 although I am not buying it. The clock time is critical as is the number of bananas and design on the hexagon or whatever that is…


      1. Yes, 67 is wrong. But whichever way I cannot get the answer 13. My answer is 38. Clock =2 ,bananas=3 and the hexagon including pentagon 6+5=11
        so 2+3+3*11 = 38. I do not have Einstein’s brain.
        It has been snowing since last night and my garden is looking lovely. Mr.RRB has been foraging in the snow. No other birds have made any appearances. Even the squirrels have been away.
        Goodnight Dahlia.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My sister sent snowed in pics – looks beautiful but then all schools embassies have shut with red weather alert as Emma is on the way. Stay warm! I am sure 38 is correct!

        Liked by 1 person

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