Just 4 Fun # 72

Hola folks, it’s fun time and for once I needn’t say anything at all for the pictures and captions say it all.

Go on and scroll down…







Well what did you think? Funny but kinda sad too don’t you think? Especially the pollution at Taj Mahal. I found the Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa one funniest. What about you?

As always, none of these images are mine and I have received them as shares/forwards and am keeping the chain moving.

Have a super week!


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22 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun # 72”

  1. They are funny photos depicting tourism. I know where that picnic area is in front of the Eifle Tower. I’ve been to 5 out of the 8 places. The Stonehenge area has fence around it. We couldn’t get near the stones. My husband was there 50 years ago when he lived there as a kid. There was no fence then. The great wall is very very long. The section in Beijing where we went was not that busy. Mona Lisa – people could be sneaking a photo or two, but not openly with the flash light.

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  2. Amusing and funny, expectations and realities, i expected some good funny emojis and i get a whole buffet served!….thats why they say bonus is appreciated…..good ones!

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  3. I loved these so much and really speak volumes on realistic crowds and all that – the Pisa one actually seemed the least contrasting to me – there was still some space- but all were so good and this was a great idea for a post.
    and wow – Dawd – week 72 for your funnies – right on for longevity amiga

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  4. Well, pretty much the signs of the time we live now, remember as a child traveling for miles at a time without seeing a car, or any sign of humans on the road, but just nature untouched, now the same roads full of new settlements, cars, and very little forest left, if any, I guess that tell you I am pretty old..! 😦

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