Elegant and graceful

she reaches for the sky

all the while attempting to

conceal her scars and wounds

behind the drapery

20171024_093725Doesn’t she look as if she is trying to cover her naked ‘ugliness’ with the money plant? Clearly she’s been around humans for far too long 😉

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23 thoughts on “City-bred”

      1. Did u receive my reply to this comment? Appears to have got posted as a separate comment not reply. Strange! Can u see it below this?


      2. Yes. I can. I think I posted twice. Once as a regular reply which came as a tick and approved and then as a separate reply asking you this question. Sorry about that – I was confused myself.

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  1. I receive all your comments on my blog but have never received a reply to a comment of mine on yours. Except perhaps once when i mentioned it to you. I have even checked a couple of times after commenting but they have never showed up. For instance on the guest post. But of late I have stopped commenting and just press the like button and tweet it


  2. Haha! I have found that the older a woman gets, the more materialistic they become — as if trying to save a piece of their youthful beauty by new shoes or a bright purse.

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