Just 4 Fun # 47

It’s Monday again and which face are you wearing – Monday face or Saturday face 😉


Frankly it makes me quite dizzy to get to Saturday! And the bald head reminds me of this one:


They don’t seem to be too happy about the whole number business. Clearly not their idea – so whose brainchild was it?


Did you hear about the day Mr Right had enough? No? Scroll down to find out 😉



After that profound thought a little reality check:


Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I received all of them as forwards/shares and am just keeping the fun going.

Have a super week and don’t forget to have some fun as well 🙂

And do let me know your favorite – or better still post your own and leave me a link I will be along in just a bit.

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