APWC: Witch Craft

This week’s theme for A Photo a Week Challenge hosted by Nancy is something that has begun to interest me. The challenge is to share a series of the same photograph with different treatments. Amazing how a simple change in color can change the mood instantly. Have a look.

But do wait for the photos to download before scrolling down, slowly.

Humor me – please!


VintageScary, interesting but not terrifying right?

ColorAdd a dash of color and she’s quite clownish don’t you think?

20170318_191743And just in case you have been wondering and were curious – that’s my original photo 😉 😀

Like Nancy says – It all depends on what you want.

Thanks for visiting – do share your reactions and preferences.

Have a great week.

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31 thoughts on “APWC: Witch Craft”

      1. Actually, if you were my doppelganger, you would be frightened. 😂😂 Just today, one of my friends said in my WhatsApp do, I look like Priyanka Gandhi. And two weeks ago, when I went out for shopping, someone said ‘sir pls move’ 😂😂😂 and I actually stepped aside 🤐

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  1. What is she?…a recycling project! :D…yes, the colors does hide her scariness …in the first one, i found the skull hanging on her neck scarier than her appearance…

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  2. Sure, no evil spirit would come anywhere near another evil 😉 ….. interesting colour treatment.
    Lol…. hilarious convo between Rekha and you 🙂

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