Just 4 Fun #19

Here we are! The last week of the year 2016 – holidays and celebrations to ring in a brand New Year, a new – oh wait, here’s a



So in this season of new resolutions and new beginnings how about renewing your vows to


😀 😀

Okay one for the boys too 🙂


Have a super week and a wonderful New Year.

Disclaimer. Over the week, we tend to get a lot of jokes and life philosophies as shares. Some are too good to pass up. Here I share those that appealed to me or tickled my funny bone. Hope you like them too. Please note none of this is stuff is mine – I am just keeping the fun going!

If you too have something worth sharing do leave your link in the comment box or create a pingback to this post.

Thanks for visiting – hope you got a smile or two 🙂

Just 4 Fun will return in 2017 😉

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13 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun #19”

  1. Hey d – hard to Believe that new year is almost here – and nice reminder about the calendar changing –
    However – and not to be a Debbie downer – but the “live your husband” poster did not sit right – maybe I missed the humor and took it too literal – and maybe some topics are a bit serious for me – like the part about a man looking at other women can be joked about – but as a counselor – I have worked with a few folks where this was a symptom of deeper problems and sloppy behavior – not to get all deep on your just for fun post – but some folks would say this is a bit of adulterous essence allowed to be woven into the partnership – so that one did not sit right….

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    1. Hi Y – I can understand your POV and I guess, if we go into the depth of it most of it is true and happens all the time (including the murder) – perhaps you can call this black comedy? Humor is tricky business and usually at the cost of someone – for instance, we crack so many jokes and laugh about weight but it I am aware it may be a source of genuine anguish to somebody, as could be the one about the hen-pecked husband, the list could be endless don’t you think? I didnt mean to offend anyone but I can understand that not everyone finds the same thing remotely funny…for instance the guy who slips on the banana peel.

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      1. Well anguish is much too big a word – and thanks for letting me be “me” – I am sure many folks will
        Enjoy this – but I guess I am hi-hum at times – but we are who we are , eh?

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  2. Dahlia this is Superb.
    I loved it and shall read it to my Wife- The Great.
    By the way refer to my latest post ” Knowledge is endless” in which I have mentioned your name and blog and about our interaction in my previous post. “Enlighten Knowledge”
    Happy New Year and Thanks for this post.

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