Hello All,

Moonshine (MS) is the new Silver Streaks (SS) !

Well, fingers crossed and if you like it half as much as you claimed to love SS, I couldn’t ask for more.

Moonshine accompanies Rajani as she journeys through life fulfilling her roles as a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and of course mother. As with SS, I do hope you will shower her (us) with your blessings, support, advice and encouragement.

Since this is a rambling yarn (with a book format rather than a blog post), new updates will appear under Pages on the picture navigation bar –> Moonshine — Chapters.

Ready? Get set and click on Part 1: Sugar and Spice – off we go~~

Or perhaps you may like to read a few short stories or just browse the Blog to decide if MS is worth your time and effort.

Thanks for dropping by and I would love to know your views on Stories and more.

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23 thoughts on “Moonshine”

  1. Beautiful…The beginning is speaking volumes….BEHOLD! A beautiful journey in the making….a Sculpture giving meaning to a formless dough….All the best!

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  2. I am already totally and completely in love with this beautiful story. Going to be yet another masterpiece.
    Just didn’t want to stop reading Dahlia. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Love you. A big tight warm hug!!!!!!


    1. It is entirely my pleasure and compulsion – but thank you. None of this would have been half as much fun (one hundredth) without the company. Feeling nice and warm 🙂


  3. Already in love with the sugar and spice coated Rajani…and hope there won’t be any antidote or any thing near to it to control these adorable laughing fits of her’s.

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  4. Hey Dhalia, Read it, read it again, and then read it once again…beautifully written, your liking for details is seen in your writing always, well captured memories and then creating the shadow of it too sooo perfectly is commendable……loved it !

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  5. The Aftermath was a touching one…the relationship is so beautifully woven, true to their characters Bhais never listen, theyll do bargaining and cheating so convincingly….I AM always wondering that your Pandoras box of memories is so much that quietly you post it and it seems like a Tsunami of words gushes out….Beautiful….You always Inspire me for more!

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  6. Hi Dhalia… all the chapters of Moonshine in one go, loved it & am very sure that this journey too, like Silver Streaks, will be very enjoyable.

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  7. As always, a woman playing so many roles would sure have an exciting journey to relate, amidst all her ups and downs in her life!! Looking forward to it!!

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